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The tool based on video game technology allows you to walk through the home in an immersive way, while providing technical and aesthetic data in real time.

Barcelona, ​​May 7, 2024.- Digital Twin is the new tool based on technology from the creation of video games and which represents an advance and improvement of the current virtual tours that are carried out when buying or renting a property. Virtual tours allow the user an immersive and interactive experience. However, as Ramón Gea, founder and CEO of Viupik, explains: “This technological solution presents a differentiating factor with respect to current virtual tours and 360 videos. Digital Twin provides property data, customization and inspection of project materials, technical data consumption, electricity, storage capacity, ventilation and air conditioning, measurements, etc. This is high-value information for the buyer or tenant that increases engagement by 35%.” The technology of 3D rendering video games and the use of data applied to the world of architectural visualization at this scale, implies savings of up to 70% in commercial travel costs, filtering of non-productive visits and their duration. Digital Twin provides an innovative solution to developers, owners, architects or designers who want to digitally display their digitally replicated products, reducing time and costs, and offering a differential plus in the user experience. For the buyer, on the other hand, it makes it easier to process and choose materials for their new home without having to visit it on site. Likewise, it provides additional information to understand what life will be like in that property, with data on nearby services such as the transportation network, health, social and recreational centers, among others. The solutions developed by Viupik achieve up to double the number of leads and an improvement 50% in the positioning of ads on real estate portals. Furthermore, thanks to the use of technology and the automation process, they offer prices up to two and three times below the market. About ViupikStartup that was born in December 2021 with the mission of offering companies in the architectural, real estate and design sectors, the new way of selling their projects in interactive virtual tours generated 100% in 3D, allowing better and faster marketing.

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