Barcelona, ​​March 22, 2023.

The hair cosmetics brand finally reveals the secret of its new Skinfresh® brand: delicious anti-aging skin care treats

The Spanish hair loss cosmetics company, Wiohair, has launched Skinfresh, a new cosmetics firm dedicated to hair care and now also to maintaining young skin, in an easy and tasty way. Skinfresh was born with a line of gummies that nourish the skin from within with powerful active ingredients, vitamins and nutrients in their highest concentrations so that it can show off on the outside. They are positioned with a range of nutricosmetic, edible and also products made to Based on 100% natural ingredients, so they are suitable for vegans and celiacs. The “jewel” in the crown, and never better said because the gummies are diamond-shaped, are the new product: ANTIAGING Gummies. A cocktail with highly valuable ingredients that maximize the health and beauty of the skin and have unparalleled anti-aging action for the face. An infallible Skinfresh formula for the facial routine: • Nu-Pro®: an active ingredient that improves elasticity and firmness of the skin and reduces dark spots as well as reducing acne. • Hyaluronic acid: regenerates, softens and nourishes the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles and prevents the signs of aging. It is also a powerful Antioxidant.• Oleoactive: reinforces the skin barrier and has a powerful anti-inflammatory and whitening action.• Vitamin C: promotes collagen formation and protects cells from free radicals. Brightens the skin.• Selenium: Strengthens skin, hair and nails.Skinfresh presents studies with proven efficacy that show that 2 gummies a day of the new anti-aging gummies increase skin firmness by up to 72%, reduce the depth of wrinkles by 28% and reduces the visibility of spots by 29%.Skinfresh Antiaging Gummies enhance the facial routine to the maximum. Well, with cosmetic products you act on the outside and with Antiaging Gummies you act on the outside, achieving double action. They are super easy to implement in the daily routine because taking 2 gummies a day these results are obtained. These powerful and tasty gummies can be found on the Skinfresh website, which also have complete packs for skin and hair care that will facilitate the daily care routine.

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