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GUADALAJARA, Spain, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG Machinery (“XCMG”, SHE:000425), constantly refining its product range to meet the diverse lifting requirements around the world, delivered one of its latest cranes 120-ton all-terrain vehicle, the XCA120_E, to Grúas Fraile in Spain. Delivery was facilitated by XCMG’s Spanish distributor, DYM Impleparts, in Guadalajara. Demonstrating XCMG’s commitment to the local market, it further expanded the reach of the XCA120_E, adding Spain to the list of countries where it carries out efficient lifting operations.

The handover ceremony was attended by Hu Yuan, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Crane Overseas Marketing, Ren Yinmei, Director of Technical Support of XCMG Crane Overseas Marketing, Rafael Romao, Sales Director of XCMG Crane for Europe, Daniel Méndez, Sales Director of XCMG Crane for Spain, and Gunjan Keshwani, director of DYM Impleparts.

Grúas Fraile trusts in XCMG cranes to facilitate the timely and efficient completion of its construction projects, strictly complying with the highest safety standards. Mario Fraile, director of operations at Grúas Fraile, expressed his satisfaction with the XCMG crane, highlighting its superior quality and ease of use. He commented that the crane was delivered on time and with seamless communication, making the entire process an exceptional experience.

“We are dedicated to maintaining a strong business relationship with our customers, consistently providing services that meet the highest standards and providing them with optimal crane equipment to ensure unparalleled safety and productivity,” Romao said.

The XCA120_E, launched by XCMG in 2023 specifically for the European market, is a high-end intelligent all-terrain crane that stands out for its mobility, safety and reliability. The four-axle, more than 100-tonne crane is equipped with a seven-section, 66-meter-long main boom, which can reach a maximum tip height of 94 meters. Standard features include a variable folding independent boom head, flexible maneuverability at small angles and variable support, making it highly adaptable to various working conditions and aligned with the lifting preferences of European crane users. Furthermore, its applicability extends to the Australian and South Korean markets, having already been successfully delivered to local customers.

“For both XCMG and DYM Impleparts, technical support is the cornerstone of our operations. Since we became a distributor of the XCMG brand last year, we have two mechanics residing in Spain. In addition, we have a team of five mechanics , two of which are dedicated to the crane section,” said Gunjan Keshwani, director of DYM Impleparts.

XCMG and DYM Impleparts are prepared to offer not only top-quality cranes, but also world-class service and training for each subsequent delivery, as Grúas Fraile, DYM Impleparts and XCMG collaborate for the smooth completion of infrastructure and other construction projects in all of Spain.

For more information, please visit: https://www.xcmgglobal.com/solution/hoisting-machinery.htm

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