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SAN FRANCISCO, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At RSA Conference 2024, Xygeni Security has reinforced its leadership position in cybersecurity. The company introduced its suite of products for secure software development and delivery (SSDD) and was honored with the Trailblazing Application Security Posture Management award at the Global InfoSec Awards.

Xygeni positions its ability to integrate real-time malicious code detection with a broad set of security tools, pioneering Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and open source security.

Leading with dedicated malicious code scanning

Xygeni is differentiated by its unique malicious code scanning capability, unmatched in the ASPM market. This advanced technology is crucial for organizations that prioritize security, especially against zero-day malware threats. “When selecting an ASPM vendor, many features are similar, but Xygeni’s protection against malware in open source dependencies and application code is a game-changer for those who need the highest level of security,” said Jesús Cuadrado, Xygeni Product Manager.

Complete set of products

Xygeni’s suite of products transcends traditional security tools by providing an in-depth, layered defense mechanism against evolving threats. This strategic combination of detection, prioritization, and remediation technologies provides enterprises with a dynamic and adaptive security posture that is critical to safeguarding the software development lifecycle.

“With our unique visibility into the software supply chain, Xygeni is addressing the complexities of modern software development and delivery in a way no other company has before,” Cuadrado said. The company’s unique approach to ASPM enables organizations to effectively manage the risks associated with open source components, ensuring unparalleled protection against the latest threats.

Xygeni elevates application security with its real-time malicious code detection tool, which identifies malicious packets instantly. Xygeni analyzes new updates and packages in real time, ensuring secure application development by preventing the integration of compromised software and efficiently protecting projects from emerging cyber threats.

Xygeni’s platform simplifies risk prioritization and accelerates remediation by integrating third-party data security insights into the prioritization context. This approach optimizes response strategies and minimizes risk exposure, establishing new levels of operational efficiency and safety.

About Xygeni Security

Xygeni Security specializes in application security posture management (ASPM), using deep contextual insights to prioritize and manage security risks while minimizing noise and overwhelming alerts.

Our innovative technologies automatically detect malicious code in real time upon release of new and updated components, immediately notifying customers and quarantining affected components to prevent potential breaches.

With extensive coverage spanning the entire software supply chain, including open source components, CI/CD processes and infrastructure, anomaly detection, secret leaks, infrastructure as code (IaC), and container security, Xygeni ensures Strong protection for your software applications.

Trust Xygeni to protect your operations and empower your team to build and deliver with integrity and security.

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