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– Yellow.ai introduces the industry’s first LLM Orchestrator, delivering contextual, human-like customer conversations without training.

SAN MATEO, California, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Yellow.ai, a global leader in generative AI-based customer service automation, today launched Orchestrator LLM, an industry-first agent model that determines the most appropriate next step while maintaining personalized and contextualized conversations. By preserving context, the generative AI agent model enables faster and more accurate problem resolution, resulting in more than 60% increased customer satisfaction.

Traditional chatbots often suffer from a lack of contextual awareness and memory of previous interactions, which can lead to disjointed conversations and customer dissatisfaction. These limitations stem from their limited ability to manage queries beyond programmed responses, due to insufficient training on intentions and utterances. However, with the emergence of Large Language Models (LLM), it is increasingly possible to improve the personalization of automated customer experiences. Leading this innovation, Yellow.ai’s LLM Orchestrator directly addresses these challenges by:

– Improved customer experience with advanced context switching: Orchestrator LLM excels at context switching and engages in small talk, ensuring seamless transitions between queries for a seamless user experience. Skillfully analyzes conversations, recognizes multiple intents, and maintains context, guiding users toward their main goals and minimizing abrupt endings. By preserving past interactions within a memory window and revisiting original queries, Orchestrator LLM facilitates richer, more human-like conversations.

– Zero training for maximum operational efficiency: Orchestrator LLM provides the best solutions adapted to the client’s needs without the need for prior training. Make real-time decisions about activating the appropriate agential or conversational workflow in response to user requests. For example, the model can instantly determine whether to retrieve information from a knowledge base, start a new conversational flow, or escalate to a live agent, all while preserving the context of the conversation. This streamlining of processes significantly reduces operating costs by 60% and increases agent productivity by 50%.

“To realize the full potential of LLMs, you need a robust orchestration framework. Our LLM Orchestrator serves as the central hub of integration, collaborating seamlessly with various AI tools and backend systems to deliver more cohesive and personalized customer experiences,” said Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-Founder of Yellow.ai. “The launch further underscores our commitment to developing multiple in-house LLMs and driving our mission to redefine the customer service industry through AI solutions that autonomously deliver human-like experiences.”

“Orchestrator LLM can truly revolutionize the customer service industry. Its ability to anticipate customer needs and provide instant, relevant responses will increase customer loyalty and operational efficiency,” said Eric Hansen, Chief Information Officer at Waste Connections.

The company is making significant strides in developing multiple internal LLMs for various customer service use cases. It has launched the YellowG LLM for zero configuration, goal-oriented conversations, summarization and Q&A, along with Komodo-7B, Indonesia’s first model for customer support in more than 11 regional languages. With a hallucination rate of less than 1% and an average response time of 0.6 seconds, these LLMs are designed to meet the rigorous standards set by companies, ensuring safe, accurate and personalized interactions with customers. Additionally, the company has successfully deployed more than 150 generative AI bots for enterprises, demonstrating its strong generative AI capabilities and focusing on delivering AI solutions for customer service.

To book a demo visit: https://yellow.ai/orchestrator-llm/

About Yellow.ai

Yellow.ai enables businesses to create memorable customer conversations through our generative AI-powered customer service automation platform. Our vision is to advance the future of fully autonomous customer service that unlocks unprecedented efficiency and significantly reduces operational costs. Headquartered in San Mateo, Yellow.ai serves more than 1,100 companies, including Sony, Domino’s, Hyundai, Ferrellgas, Waste Connections and Randstad, in more than 85 countries. Our platform is based on a multi-LLM architecture and continuously trains on more than 16 billion conversations per year, enabling companies to deliver elevated experiences and build lasting customer relationships. Founded in 2016 with offices in six countries, Yellow.ai has raised more than $102 million from top-tier investors.

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