The shares fell temporarily to 23,91 Euro and to its lowest level since the summer of 2019. By noon they recovered a bit, lost but still 10.3 percent to 24,89 Euro, while the Dax lost just under 6 percent.

share in the past few weeks, better than the broad market – up to now,

In the past year, the RWE papers were, after years of weakness and then following zappeligen On and the Abs started: With a Plus of slightly more than 44 percent had been in 2019, according to MTU’s and Adidas’s third most in the Dax and had increased their value in the new year, then even a further one-quarter.

The Figures of RWE sets for the last time as a “Stand Alone”Numbers. The segments brown coal and nuclear energy, the European power generation and energy trading are included. The subsidiary Innogy, which is broken, is no longer operational, included. Only the dividend is added to that. As of the current year, the Numbers will be issued for the new group, including renewable energy.

Strong 2019er Numbers, a weak Outlook for 2020

analysts languages with a view on the current business report of strong earnings figures for 2019, criticized, inter alia, of the dividend. For 2020, the prospect of Euro 0.85 per share were below expectations, it said. The business view called “weak”.

Analyst Ahmed Farman of the investment Bank Jefferies about wrote: the average of The RWE for 2020 range given for the net profit target have missed the market estimate by 3 percent, and for 2022, have you even 8 per cent.

it was also Goldman Sachs expert Alberto Gandolfi. He now expects consensus estimates to fall. About half of the discount is likely to be due to the lower than expected operating income from the traditional power generation business, so, for example, coal power plants, he added to it. So this is a slightly mitigating factor, because of structural concerns in its core business of Renewable energy, he can’t see.

Eon dividend in the amount of estimated EUR 200 million not yet

Barclays-expert Peter Crampton considered stressed, however, that with respect to the possibly as a weak perceived outcome objectives should be borne in mind that here is not the contribution of the Eon-dividend, which is estimated to 200 million Euro is included. “Even if RWE can’t today, breaking out from the overall very weak market is likely to be seen, the core messages during the current capital market day is definitely a positive,” he believes.

RWE will increasingly become a pure Player in the field of Renewable energies and also the third-largest in Europe. The current price does not reflect stated Crampton and advised in the course of the General market weakness to buy the stock.

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