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Spain, March 7, 2023.

With a 2.9% increase in GDP in 2023, the employment number will reach around 21 million workers. CEAC, the Vocational Training center for employment, connects students with the current market offering them a high level of employability

The job market in Spain continues to hold up despite economic uncertainties. The year 2022 fueled the optimism of job creation in Spain. This optimism was reflected in the unemployment data published by the SEPE (State Public Employment Service): the year 2022 closed with a total of 2,837,653 unemployed, data that represents 8.6% less than in the year 2021 According to the estimates of the Government of Spain, the GDP will increase during this year 2023 by 2.9%, which will translate into a figure of labor occupation never before reached with around 21 million workers.In this context, Vocational Training (FP) plays a fundamental role in improving the employability of people and the economy. According to the report carried out by CEAC and Randstad Research on employability and the values ​​of professional training, 59% of those interviewed consider that vocational training has a high value in the current market as well as a high degree of employability. Among the students who have previously completed distance training, 64% acknowledge a positive impact and 41% of these acknowledge that they have improved their professional course. Along the same lines, CEAC, the Training Center for Employment, puts in context on the evolution of VET: enrollments in vocational training centers have increased considerably in recent decades. According to data from the Ministry of Education, only in the last 10 years the percentage of students who have opted for vocational training has grown by 77%. Currently, this type of studies exceeds 50% of the offers in the national labor market. However, the Spanish data is still below European levels: vocational training in Spain represents 12% of students, while in the rest of Europe it is 30%. For this reason, the new Vocational Training law approved in April 2022 aims to reach the levels of the rest of the European countries. X-ray of the value of VT and current employability in the market According to Pilar Alegría, current Minister of Education and Vocational Training of the Government of Spain, it has been shown that graduates of a medium or higher level of FP have a higher level of employability than those who have a non-specialized degree or a lower level. On the other hand, Pere Aragonés, president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, stresses that VT is absolutely key to the progress of the country and that the administrations are creating more places and new training cycles, investing more resources and betting on dual training .As included in the CEAC Barometer and Randstad Research, the future and job opportunities after finishing training is one of the main concerns of students, even among those who currently have a job. However, the evaluations are positive for slightly more than half of the interviewees, since they see the possibility of changing jobs as viable. However, 41% consider that the degree of employability is limited. Within this percentage, 28% think that the opportunities are somewhat limited, while 13% consider them very limited. Also, for this part of the respondents it is not so easy to find a suitable job or leave their current job. This may be due to the current situation of the labor market in which job offers are scarce in the face of high demand. About CEAC CEAC, with more than 75 years of experience in the educational field, is the leading training center for employment in its sector. Its educational methodology incorporates the most advanced technology and is complemented by work practices in more than 2,000 leading companies in its area. More than 3,000,000 students endorse a personalized, flexible and labor market-oriented training, where 250 teaching experts support the student every day. In addition to being a member of Anced, the National Association of e-Learning and Distance Centers, CEAC incorporates a double degree with the Catholic University of Murcia in several of its technical training courses, and also has top-level partners such as Randstad, Adobe, Sony, DHL, Sage or Endesa.CEAC is part of Northius, the multinational platform for leading digital education in Spain, with more than 600 employees, 13 specialized schools and implementation in Europe and Latin America.

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