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Gijón, December 27, 2023.

In El Búho de la Suerte they affirm that investing the refund from the Christmas Lottery in buying tenths for the Children’s Lottery is a growing trend in Spain

The Christmas Lottery is one of the most important cultural phenomena in Spain. For many Spaniards, more than a question of winning money, it is a tradition, and there are many who, when the draw ends, recover their investment thanks to the refund. The refund is nothing more than the return of the amount played; Lottery players see it as an extra opportunity to recover their investment in the Lottery. But what do people usually do with the refund?The excitement of the refund Although winning the refund in the Christmas Lottery has a 10% chance, not everyone is lucky enough to recover their investment in the Lottery. For this reason, people usually check with excitement that the tenth they have bought has the same ending as the Gordo: at least they do not lose money. The tradition of the Lotería del Niño Although it is not considered a tradition, there is a kind of “law not written” that says that the money earned with the Christmas Lottery refund is used to buy tickets for the Children’s Lottery. That the price is the same or that the time that passes between one draw and another is minimal are two of the main reasons why this is usually done. This unwritten law may be due to a superstition or a search for continued good luck , but without a doubt the most widespread theory is that it is the best way to keep the excitement of the Lottery alive. Furthermore, Christmas is a very special time, in which the elders look for the excitement that the little ones have; In many cases, they look for it in the Lottery. Perhaps therein lies the importance of both raffles on these important dates. La pedrea, also for the Child La pedrea is one of the most important parts of the Christmas Lottery. And there are almost 1,800 numbers that the children of San Ildefonso sing in the pedrea, to the rhythm of “Mil euros”. That means that more than a million euros are distributed in prizes of €100 per tenth. Although fewer people win prizes of €100 per tenth, they also usually use a part of that prize to buy Lotería del Niño. Mayor influx in the Lottery Administrations Thanks to all these traditions that are repeated year after year, the Christmas Lottery Administrations have a larger audience during this time. “In addition to the usual raffles, between Christmas and Three Kings, many people visit us to exchange a winning tenth for one of the Child,” they say from El Búho de la Suerte, in Gijón. “In the end, it is very likely that there will be people who recover the €20 invested in the Lottery and decide to exchange it for a Child number.” En el Niño plays more This is one of the most heard statements of the Lotería del Niño, and it is partly true. It is not that there are more chances of winning, since the numbers played are the same (from 00,000 to 99,999), but that there are many more prizes. Statistically, the chances of winning a prize are greater in the Lotería del Niño. For example, by having three withdrawals, the possibility of winning one of these prizes is tripled. However, in economic terms the difference is also notable, but the balance is in favor of the Christmas Lottery. While 2,590 million euros are distributed in the December 22 draw, the El Niño draw distributes “only” 700 million. In short, there are more chances of winning a prize, but the amounts are smaller.

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