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Actiw, a leader in providing automated loading equipment, solutions, turnkey and 24/7 services, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Forankra, experts in customized products and solutions for fastening, lifting and optimization of cargo volume throughout the entire logistics chain

Barcelona, ​​February 1, 2024.- With more than 30 years of experience, Actiw has been a pioneer in the resolution, optimization and automation of the flow of outgoing material. Its cargo equipment has proven to improve container loading time in ports by up to 50%, raising safety and productivity standards in industrial cargo. The collaboration with Forankra further strengthens Actiw’s position in the logistics chain by integrating advanced and customized fastening solutions. Forankra, with its wide range of advanced technology fastening systems for land, sea and air transport, brings an additional dimension to safety during the transportation and handling of goods.”This strategic partnership combines Actiw’s excellence in the automation of carries Forankra’s leading expertise in fastening solutions. Together, we offer a comprehensive approach to improving efficiency, safety and profitability throughout the logistics chain,” said Andrii Bichik, Sales Director at Actiw. Forankra thus becomes in a fundamental link in the logistics chain, offering tailored fastening solutions that cover the entire process, from transportation to the handling of goods. Its unique offering suits the needs of logistics companies, transporters, industries, OEMs and bodybuilders.”We are excited to collaborate with Actiw and bring our fastening and lifting expertise to this partnership. Together, we will redefine safety standards and efficiency in industrial cargo,” said Fran Muñoz, Manager of Forankra. Both companies are committed to continuous innovation and improvement of the logistics chain, providing customers with guaranteed and profitable solutions for cargo securing in all modes of transport. transportation and logistics scenarios. Issuer: Forankra

Contact Contact name: Fran Muñoz Contact description: Manager Contact phone: 34659310095