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Valencia, December 21, 2023.

The home care startup has signed an agreement with the National Confederation of ALS Entities, ConELA, so that its caregivers can cover the needs of the more than 4,500 affected by the disease. All this after last month they met with the activist, YouTuber and ALS patient, Jordi Sabaté, whom they have found a caregiver and with whom they have launched the campaign

The home caregiver startup, Aiudo, has signed a collaboration agreement with the National Confederation of ALS Entities, ConELA, to form the first pool of caregivers specialized in this disease. The objective will be to offer care and coverage to the more than 4,500 patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Spain.

Through the aforementioned agreement, it will be achieved that starting in April 2024, people with ALS will not have to be managers of their own disease, but rather, for the first time, they will have a company, in this case Aiudo, that has a bag of caregivers who are experts in this degenerative disease.

From the home caregiver company, its CEO, Daniel Ibiza, is proud of the agreement reached with ConELA, since “it will help us access focused quality training so that caregivers are prepared to care for people affected by ALS”. Likewise, Ibiza highlights the need to create this pool of caregivers specialized in ALS because “even officially qualified caregivers often lack the resources and skills necessary to care for a disease that requires so much specialization,” he confesses.

For his part, the president of the National Confederation of ALS Entities -ConELA-, Fernando Martín, assures that “the collaboration with Aiudo will allow people with ALS to not have to be managers of their own illness, but rather, Thanks to Aiudo, they have a pool of expert caregivers in ALS throughout Spain who can provide coverage, assistance and improve the quality of life of people with ALS.”

Jordi Sabaté and

Likewise, last week they launched the campaign on their social networks

“Interviewing Jordi was a shocking and emotional experience. We must keep in mind that those affected by ALS are not the people we commonly serve at Aiudo. So, I can say that since we interviewed him we have become aware of the need to contribute to ALS in different ways,” concludes Daniel Ibiza.

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