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(Madrid, January 11, 2024.-) In a world where innovation and creativity are key to business success, Alejandro López Morales, owner of Universal Arts School, an educational institution whose students have won Oscars and Emmys, emerges as an emblematic figure. To write this article, it has been possible to talk with him about various topics, from business life and entrepreneurship related to the fascinating world of video games.

An interesting aspect of the conversation was the idea of ​​“empowering yourself.” Alejandro insists that one should not wait for external approval to advance projects. Regarding the personal brand, although it is not essential, Alejandro suggests that it can provide more confidence than the company itself. This is corroborated by studies showing how strong personal brands can improve public perception. He recalled Steve Jobs’ bold move to hire John Sculley, a Coca-Cola executive, demonstrating how strong personalities can influence big corporate decisions.

“Do what you want to do in life,” Alejandro advises, highlighting the importance of following personal passion above all, like his own with the world of video games. This philosophy is reflected in his professional career and in how he has shaped his business. When asked about his education, his response was simple but powerful: “Be the best in your field, it doesn’t matter what it is.”

In the field of advertising, Alejandro mentioned the importance of understanding the different parts of the brain, such as the rational cortex and the amygdala, to connect emotionally with the audience. According to him, the most effective advertising does not always target the rational part of the brain.

Alexander describes them as “the ninth art” and possibly “the most important art in history.” He explains that there has never been an art as complex as the creation of a video game, going so far as to consider it “almost divine.” Video games allow players to “play god, the creator,” offering an amazing and unique art form in history.

In video games, players immerse themselves in experiences that involve their own decisions, which can generate intense emotions and a deep personal connection to the game. Alejandro mentioned Gears of War as a notable example, where the first-person perspective completely absorbs the player into the universe of said game.

Alejandro López Morales’ vision is clear: live with passion, empower oneself and recognize the transformative power of video games. His holistic approach to business life and appreciation for the art of video games establish him as a visionary leader in his field through his award-winning educational institution Universal Arts School. In an era where technology and creativity are increasingly intertwined, figures like Alejandro at the helm of Universal Arts are a guide for the next generation.

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