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The leading Insurance and Assistance company aligns itself with the new directive with the development of services such as the installation and maintenance of charging points, assistance for electric vehicles or the possibility of opting for an ECO replacement car.

Madrid, May 9, 2024.- The latest changes in regulations to promote sustainable mobility force companies in the automotive sector to provide innovative solutions that facilitate mobility for users. The European Union has just approved the European Directive on Energy Efficiency of Buildings, a new law that requires promoting sustainable mobility through buildings. For example, with charging points for electric vehicles and parking spaces for bicycles in buildings. This applies, within a period of two years, to both residential and non-residential buildings. Allianz Partners Spain, a leading Insurance and Assistance company, covers the installation of charging points for hybrid, plug-in and electric vehicles in homes, as well as its maintenance and repair if necessary. It also offers warranty extension insurance for charging points to cover damage or breakage. The regulations indicate that new non-residential buildings or those to be renovated, with more than five car parking spaces, must install at least one point. recharge for every five seats. If non-residential buildings have more than 20 parking spaces, they must install at least one charging point for every 10. New residential buildings with more than 3 parking spaces must install at least one charging point. Allianz Partners offers other solutions to accompany sustainable mobility, such as mechanisms to assist hybrid and electric vehicles or the possibility of having an electric replacement car. The company’s assistance service allows the geolocation of the nearest charging station if the driver stays without a battery, as well as a specialized and adequately trained network of mechanics and an on-site battery charging service and/or towing to a charging station. On the other hand, the option of having an electric replacement vehicle demonstrates the commitment to the choice of customers to be more sustainable in their mobility. In this way, the zero emissions chain is extended, even in the event of an accident. These solutions have resolved more than 2,000 accidents that contribute to sustainable mobility. Cristina Rosado, Commercial Head of the Mobility business line at Allianz Partners Spain, concludes: “Customers need to be sure of the decision to buy an electric vehicle and know that will have the necessary tools if any incident occurs. That is why it is so important to provide solutions that protect and give confidence to users so that they opt for more sustainable mobility and more so in a company like ours dedicated to Insurance and Assistance. At Allianz Partners we strive every day to develop innovative solutions that respond to the needs of our clients with the sole purpose of offering them peace of mind.”

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