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-Ampace introduces Jumbo-Power series cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, powering a new era of global energy

SHANGHAI, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ampace Technology Limited (Ampace) makes its debut today at the 37th China International Hardware Fair, introducing its innovative Jumbo-Power (JP) series cylindrical lithium-ion batteries . This innovative series represents a major advancement in lithium battery technology, achieved through close collaboration with industry-leading customers committed to improving power tool performance.

Innovation in the design of materials, structures and systems: Jumbo-Power unleashes the next generation of powerful global energy technologies

To address the increasingly complex operating environments of power tools, Ampace introduces the Jumbo-Power series of cylindrical batteries and launched JP40, its first mass-produced product.

Dr. Yuan Qingfeng, R&D Director of Ampace, stated, “Through extensive research and development focusing on high C-rate, minimal temperature rise, higher capacity and long lifespan, Ampace has introduced a new power supply power plant for power tools”.

The JP series leverages multi-layer material innovation and a unique cylindrical cell structure design to break performance barriers in high-power batteries. The series adopts an innovative full flange cell structure design, integrating ultra-high energy density cathode material with a hybrid of new fast-charging graphite and silicon-carbon anode materials, and ultra-fast kinetic electrolytes. This approach produces significant improvements in five key metrics: high power output, longer single-use life, wide temperature adaptability, efficient fast charging, and long battery life.

As the world’s first mass-produced JP series product, the JP40 cylindrical lithium-ion battery achieves comprehensive advances in key performance indicators such as output power, pulse discharge capacity, battery life, speed load and low temperature performance.

According to Dr. Yuan, the JP40 offers a long continuous high-power discharge of 40A for up to 6 minutes, extending high-power operating time by 200%. For pulse discharge, it achieves 140 A pulse discharge for 5 seconds with minimal voltage drop. The JP40 exceeds 600 cycles of battery life, extending it by 200% compared to conventional cylindrical cells, thus reducing the cost per use of the battery. Charging efficiency is improved with high-efficiency fast charging that reaches 80% capacity in just 20 minutes, reducing charging time by 25%. The low temperature threshold extends to -20°C.

Deep and continuous integration in the field of high-power products: Ampace drives a better future with cutting-edge technology.

“Ampace has been deeply immersed in the lithium battery field, constantly innovating and evolving in response to user demands. The launch of the Jumbo-Power series products is a natural result of our strong technological foundation and our proactive approach towards industry opportunities,” said Liu Wenfang, director of Ampace’s high power department.

In its quest to create and deliver a better green living experience, Ampace collaborates with partners to pioneer a new era of powerful energy. Recently, Ampace has signed strategic cooperation agreements with leading customers in the field of power tools and vacuum cleaners, jointly driving the rapid development of battery and high-power products industries.

Customer recognition is always our driving force. The Manufacturing Department of Stanley Black’s Suzhou Plant

As one of Ampace’s three core businesses, high-power products and solutions focus on core values ​​and technology strategies, providing efficient and reliable lithium battery solutions for sectors such as power tools, drones, vacuum cleaners and robotics, driving advances in the industry with cutting-edge technologies.

Ampace will continue to explore the value of electric energy, working with global partners across the supply chain to accelerate energy transformation and improve quality of life.

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