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Barcelona, ​​February 15, 2024

Currently, outdoor weddings in Barcelona are in trend.

It is a type of celebration that allows you to enjoy large spaces and contact with nature. Additionally, guests can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.

One of the options available around Barcelona for this type of event is the one offered by Niudàlia Flower Farm. This establishment has fields where different flowers are grown, such as tulips or sunflowers, among other species.

How was the Niudàlia project born?

Niudalia Flower Farm was born from the creation of a new concept, importing a Dutch or American flower farm, with Catalan agriculture. It was born from a passion for flowers and agriculture, and became a personal project, with a young team, who loves the land and the territory, and from the experience of having grown flowers for a long time at Casa Sorribes.

You offer activities for audiences of different ages. What are they and what makes them so special?

We offer various activities in Niudàlia, from guided tours, to weddings, through lunches and dinners, to tulip and dahlia planting workshops. We carry out photography sessions and flower bouquet workshops. As you can see, there are endless activities available, for the little ones, for families, couples, friends, etc. The difference that makes us special is that we carry out any activity with the client surrounded by thousands of flowers, in addition to being able to learn and interact with the different varieties of flowers. In addition, we combine the different flowering periods so that we have flowers for more than 9 months in Niudàlia.

Apart from organizing events, you are dedicated to growing flowers. What types of flowers do you have? Are there flowers all year round?

We have more than 20 different types of flowers, among which there are more than 500 varieties among them; different colors, shapes, textures and a world of color. We plant tulip, narcissus, hyacinth, muscari, sunflower, lilium, allium, dahlia, cosmos, frittilaria, anemones, gladioli, ranunculus. We start in two seasons, spring and summer. In the spring season, which begins in mid-March until the end of June, you can find tulips, hyacinths, muscari, sunflowers, etc. Here you will find more than 200,000 flowers in our fields. During the summer, which is when the next season starts, which runs from July to the end of October, you can find dahlias, sunflowers, cosmos, and other summer varieties, finding a total of more than 500,000 flowers.

What do tulip and dahlia planting workshops consist of?

We will teach how to plant a bulbous plant such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths or dahlias, and you will learn how to cultivate them until their flowering period. Flower maintenance, soil quality. In the Niudàlia style, everything by hand, as we do with our fields. And last but not least: how to preserve the bulb until the next flowering season so that it can bloom again. We will also explain what types of diseases these types of plants can have and we will advise you on what type of soil and fertilizers to use. As a gift, we will give you the pot and the bulb that is planted, so that you can grow it following the guidelines we have given you.

The Niudàlia establishment is an ideal space for photo sessions. What types of photos can be taken?

In Niudàlia we see how the sun rises and sets, so we have many hours of light to take photographs, immersed among thousands of flowers of all colors. The uneven terrain makes the backgrounds of the photos full of color. We create drawings with the colors of the flowers, which can be drawn in the photograph from aerial or elevated views. You can create many different combinations of photos, since we have many varieties and colors of flowers, so you can take open shots with a sea of ​​flowers behind you, or closed portraits with a beautiful “bokeh.” The best thing is that it is very easy for any photographer to take good photos if the background is already wonderful, and the results are always very beautiful. Niudàlia is the ideal space to carry out any type of photography session, especially to tell love stories.

Many couples choose this place to have their wedding. What is a marriage celebration like in Niudàlia?

We want the couple to be the protagonists and for them to organize their own wedding, therefore, each wedding in Niudàlia is different. At 1,100 meters above sea level, with mild temperatures in spring, summer and autumn. A wedding surrounded by mountains, in which you look around and only see nature, without noise, with a lot of peace. In an open space of more than 4 hectares, with a sea of ​​flowers in front of the altar, with a rustic and elegant style. We simply accompany them in this wonderful story from start to finish, giving them support and help from our specialized team. What we can assure you is that it is magical! We want you to remember it, remember us and live happily.

Do you have any short-term activities or ideas planned that you would like to share?

This season we have created a route in the middle of 5 fields of tulips of different colors, we have come up with a simulation of a river of flowers. We are also going to add photocall areas among thousands and thousands of tulips, a photo spot area, which we are sure our visitors will love. Looking ahead to the summer season, last year we had a sea of ​​over 100,000 yellow and red sunflowers. This year, we surpassed ourselves with over 200,000 red and yellow sunflowers. Last year we saw that it was a very big attraction and that it was very popular, that is why we have decided to expand and redecorate the area, so that it is liked even more. We have more news, but we will let our visitors discover those!

At Niudàlia Flower Farm it is possible to enjoy multiple species of flowers and different activities. In addition, this establishment offers the alternative of celebrating outdoor weddings in Barcelona with a unique and unforgettable landscape setting.


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