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It will take place on July 6 in the outdoor parking lot of the Vallsur Shopping Center and will have a restaurant area. Tickets can be purchased at the Vallsur Shopping Center, at ASPAYM CyL in Valladolid (Treviño 74) and IMPULSA EQUALDAD (Hípica 9).

Valladolid, May 24, 2024.- ASPAYM Castilla y León has presented a solidarity and inclusive festival for next July 6 that is distinguished by its commitment to local talent, since all the groups that will perform are from the city. The festival will be held in the outdoor parking lot of the Vallsur Shopping Center from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

The Valladolid City Council today hosted the presentation of this symbolic event in which the Councilor for People, Seniors, Family and Social Services, Rodrigo Nieto, the executive director of ASPAYM CyL, Francisco Sardón, the entity’s delegate in Valladolid, Mar Matías, the manager of the Vallsur Shopping Center, Pablo Pérez, and several members of the musical groups that will perform on July 6.

The festival will feature performances by: Cañoneros, Cabeza de Gallo, DJ Daza, Happening, Augusta Sonora, Destrangis, and Levitants. In addition to the music, there will be a restaurant area in the festival area with several of the establishments present in Vallsur, as well as children’s activities so that entire families can enjoy the event. Tickets can be purchased at the Vallsur Shopping Center, at ASPAYM CyL in Valladolid (C/ Treviño 74) and at IMPULSA EGUALDAD (C/ Hípica 9).

ASPAYM CyL FestiVall will not only be a music and entertainment festival, but also a way to claim the importance of organizing events that meet the criteria of universal accessibility and are inclusive. This approach ensures that people with disabilities can enjoy leisure and music on equal terms with the rest of society.

In addition, the profits raised through a donation of €6, which costs the ticket, and the drinks will go to ASPAYM Castilla y León. The executive director of the entity, Francisco Sardón, explained that “they will be used to provide equipment and technological improvement of our rehabilitation centers. The objective is to offer innovative treatments to people with disabilities, adapting them to the individual needs of each patient.” In this way, he has assured that “the capacity to address the specific challenges faced by people with disabilities is strengthened, allowing them to improve their autonomy and quality of life.” Advances that will also benefit society as a whole, since many of the entity’s services are open to people without disabilities.

Finally, Sardón thanked all the sponsors and collaborators for their involvement and especially the Vallsur Shopping Center, which has helped us make this initiative a reality, the Valladolid City Council and Coca Cola. Likewise, he has encouraged all companies that want to join this beautiful activity to contact ASPAYM Castilla y León and all citizens to mark July 6 in red on their calendar because the ASPAYM CyL FestiVall arrives loaded with music, fun and solidarity.

The Councilor for People, Seniors, Family and Social Services, Rodrigo Nieto, has highlighted the importance of this initiative, which “not only fills the city with life, but also shows us the path of something we are working on, also with ASPAYM. CyL, which is to ensure that all recreational events in Valladolid achieve inclusivity. Therefore, initiatives like this, managed directly by the entity, teach us how these events can be organized.”

Finally, the manager of the Vallsur Shopping Center, Pablo Pérez, has indicated that Vallsur joins this solidarity festival in favor of ASPAYM Castilla y León, in recognition of the social work of this emblematic entity in Valladolid and which is a point of reference in the field of disability. “Inclusion is a moral obligation, a right and an opportunity in the face of diversity. Leisure moments, like this FestiVall, are a perfect way to promote equal opportunities and avoid labels. This collaboration is another example of Vallsur’s involvement in all the important milestones that take place in the city of Valladolid.”

About ASPAYM Castilla y León

ASPAYM Castilla y León was founded in 1992 with the sole objective of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. In its beginnings, the entity focused on the care of people with spinal cord injuries in the community, however, during its years of activity, ASPAYM Castilla y León has evolved in accordance with society, providing care to all types of physical disabilities (injury spinal cord, stroke, ataxia, etc.).

After positioning itself in the community as a reference entity in the field of disability, it opens all its services to society in general, generating an inclusive work methodology, where everyone has a place.

It currently has more than 2,600 members throughout the community and more than 300 workers spread throughout its delegations (Valladolid, León, Ávila, Burgos and Palencia, El Bierzo, Paredes de Nava, Sahagún, Matapozuelos, Villadiego, Villalpando and Camponaraya) . ASPAYM Castilla y León works with More information. Communication from ASPAYM CyL Tlf. 635 27 44 83 / 983 14 00 90 – comunicacion@aspaymcyl.org Press release 05/24/2024 ASPAYM CyL FestiVall: a solidarity and inclusive Festival with the Valladolid brand new projects to enable social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities, bring them closer to the real world, and get them to carry out any type of activity without any limitations.

ASPAYM Castilla y León aims to be a leading association that, through the quality of its programs and activities, research and the use of new technologies, provides people with disabilities, and society in general, with the tools necessary to achieve its mission.



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