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Lleida, March 15, 2023.

Atalanta y Abogadas: experts in bankruptcy law, specialists in second chance law and bankruptcy for companies

Atalanta y Abogadas is a law firm specialized in bankruptcy law, administration and bankruptcy mediation. One of the most recent cases attended by Atalanta y Abogadas is that of Ares, a girl from Lérida who shares her experience: “My name is Ares, I am from Lérida, I had a restaurant that worked very well for me until the pandemic arrived and I began to accumulate debts that I could not pay, the truth is that it was very hard. I began to search the internet for solutions to my case, and among the hundreds of firms I found Atalanta y Abogadas, I was looking for reliable specialists and from the first moment I decided on them for the confidence and kindness that they transmitted to me, in my very distressing situation and with no way out I felt that I had found my salvation. They also told me that a new bankruptcy law had come into force and allowed me to cancel my debts in a very short space of time , as it has been, in just 2 months I am free to start again without charges, thank you. I encourage everyone who has debts that they cannot pay to get into the process and can start again in no time record”. From the Atalanta y Abogadas office, it has been highlighted that the new bankruptcy law allows people with debts to get out of the process in a short space of time, as has been the case with Ares in just 2 months. Ares’ experience is an example of how the second chance law can be a valuable tool in helping people get out of difficult financial situations. With the help of a good law firm and the appropriate legal framework, it is possible to overcome obstacles and start over with a canceled debt and a new chance at life. Second Chance Law The second chance law is a legal resource that allows individuals and the self-employed to get out of a situation of over-indebtedness. What is achieved by law? Adjust the debts to the real economic possibilities of the debtor. Thanks to it, you can restructure and reduce debts and, in the best of cases, not have to pay them. Atalanta y Abogadas, has offices throughout Spain and has 100% success stories. Thanks to its specialized academic training and its Long and proven experience, they offer reliability and results to their clients. For more information, visit: Lleida Second Opportunity Law www.atalantayabogadas.es It is possible to consult its Office Network.

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