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Valladolid, January 24, 2024.- One of the most recent cases attended to by Atalanta y Abogadas is that of a Neighbor from Valladolid who has managed to pay off 90,000 euros in just 1 month. How to cancel a debt of 90,000 euros in just 1 month ? From the office of Atalanta y Abogadas they explain the case: The recently approved Bankruptcy Law on September 26, 2022 incorporates significant changes, highlighting among them the streamlining of processes, this change in combination with the work methodology of Atalanta y Abogadas, this law firm has the ability to cancel all debts in record time. On numerous occasions, the Second Chance Law stands as a fundamental tool to help people immersed in financial difficulties, as demonstrated by the case of this Vallisoletano neighbor who He managed to cancel all his debts accumulated for more than 10 years in just one month. With the support of a competent law firm and the appropriate legal framework, it is possible to overcome obstacles and start anew, thus providing a genuine second chance to these people. Second Chance Law The second chance law is a legal remedy that allows individuals and the self-employed to get out of a situation of over-indebtedness. What is achieved through the law? Adjust debts to the debtor’s real economic possibilities. Thanks to it, you can restructure and reduce debts and, in the best of cases, not have to pay them. Atalanta y Abogadas, has offices throughout Spain and has 100% success stories. Thanks to its specialized academic training and its long and proven experience, they offer reliability and results to their clients. For more information, visit: Second Chance Law Valladolid www.atalantayabogadas.es It is possible to consult their Office Network. Issuer: Atalanta y Abogadas

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