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In a groundbreaking initiative to address the global human trafficking crisis, Atlas Free brought together 40 organizations from 26 countries fighting human trafficking in one room in Alicante, Spain, April 22-26

Alicante, May 2, 2024.- This critical meeting marks a crucial step in the continued fight against this multi-million dollar criminal enterprise that affects more than 27 million people today.

Former US anti-human trafficking ambassador and Atlas Free CIO John Richmond highlights the importance of taking different perspectives before addressing more than 100 leaders, using an upside-down map as a metaphor.

Atlas Free CEO Jeremy Vallerand reiterated the importance of a coordinated effort in the fight against trafficking: “To truly overcome, it is necessary to change the pace and disrupt the strategy of traffickers. Unity between organizations is non-negotiable. Every leader In the room, every person in the Atlas Free Network – from survivors turned leaders to dreamers on the front lines ending human trafficking – all deserve the resources, community and unwavering support to dismantle traffickers in their region. That’s why Atlas Free exists.

Former U.S. Ambassador on Human Trafficking and Atlas Free Chief Impact Officer John Richmond emphasized the importance of the event: “Atlas Free has answered the urgent call for genuine collaboration and interconnected leadership. This meeting was not just a meeting; it was about collective action, not circular conversations.

Amid alarming statistics – with fewer prosecutions and higher profits – Atlas Free has responded to the challenge, leading the charge for the drive to achieve tangible impact. As global profits from human trafficking reach $236 billion, surpassing corporate giants like Walmart and Amazon, the need for strategic unity has never been more critical. [Source: International Labor Organization, 2024]

Callie Tybur, Chief Operating Officer of Atlas Free, emphasized the organization’s mission: “Atlas Free’s work was never about us. The idea has always been to connect the best local leaders with better resources, tools and unity among themselves to bring justice and freedom to those who need it now.

The Atlas Free Global Meeting equipped frontline leaders with the tools necessary to combat traffickers effectively and fostered collaboration toward innovative methods to address the problem. Sessions led by experienced Atlas Free advisors, leaders and survivors of human trafficking, focused on trends, best practices and organizational resilience, addressing critical areas such as finance, leadership and measurement. A member of the Atlas Free Africa Network commented: “I have learned more in three hours than I have in the last decade.” Other regional leaders shared a sense of relief and renewal: “I am not alone in my thoughts about this work,” and “It is the kind of work that requires coming together.”

The location of the event underscored Atlas Free’s commitment to dismantling the systems that enable human trafficking and exploitation.

Atlas Free continues its mission to combat human trafficking through strategic collaboration and collective action at the local level. Founded in 2012, members of the Atlas Free Network have served more than one million lives and remain dedicated to serving millions more. On July 26, 2022, the global nonprofit organization changed its name from Rescue: Freedom to Atlas Free to more accurately reflect its commitment to ending sexual exploitation in every corner of the world.


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