Madrid, June 30, 2023 – In a world that is viewed through mobile phones and publications on social networks, Central America and the Dominican Republic is a natural paradise that does not require filters to upload a spectacular photograph. It is one of the few spaces on the planet that still breathes authenticity in the territories and allows you to immerse yourself in genuine experiences. This is what the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency (CATA) wanted to share with Spaniards through the ‘Come live it’ campaign.

The new promotional campaign, launched at the same time in six European countries, Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and the Netherlands, is an invitation to live unique experiences, wrapped in wild nature, delve into ancient history and cultures, taste a gastronomy rooted in local producers, and relax on idyllic beaches, while scuba diving in the paradisiacal seabed. And it is that wherever you look, in Central America and the Dominican Republic you contemplate beauty, authenticity and sustainability. As the campaign states, “you can only really know when you’ve experienced it yourself.”

Carolina Briones, general secretary of CATA, explains that “in a globalized sector and on many occasions with similar tourist offers as a result of centrification, Central America and the Dominican Republic present themselves as a natural and uncrowded multi-destination, which still has the capacity to surprise To visitors”. A phrase that she continues, asserting, “and what is just as important, is a region that pampers sustainability. In Central America and the DR, the conservation of protected areas, its privileged natural beaches, the preservation of traditions and popular culture harmonize with the vision of today’s responsible tourist, who wants to experience authentic adventures in sustainable destinations”.

Europe has positioned itself as the second region in the issuance of tourists to Central America and the Dominican Republic. The data for 2021 placed the number of European tourists who arrived in the region at 1.2 million, 14.8% of passengers, figures that will surely grow in 2023, as a result of the easing of post-pandemic measures in the tourism sector. international. The interest of European travelers is based on the natural and authentic beauty of the eight countries, as well as the quality of its hotel network, the tranquility of walking through its streets, nature or beaches, and the connection possibilities to organize a multi-destination.

an exciting adventure

The promotional campaign ‘Ven a Vivirla’, created by the Moreturismo-PR Europa agency, which will manage CATA’s public relations in Europe for the 2023-2024 season, wants to share with Spaniards a large number of unique experiences that can only be live in Central America and the Dominican Republic, and it is impossible to transmit through images or third-party stories. “Come live it” means strolling through eight countries that are home to 12% of the planet’s biodiversity, being surprised by the second-highest bird-watching area in the Western Hemisphere, and admiring the second-largest coral reef in the world. Visiting Central America and the DR is entering the heart of the Americas and its cultural diversity through the lives of 65 indigenous peoples, who naturally want to share their traditions, gastronomy and ancestral customs. Also enrich yourself with the archaeological legacy of ancient pre-Columbian cultures, natural areas or Caribbean fortifications. Up to 17 sites in Central America and the DR are declared by the United Nations as ‘World Heritage’.

Central America and the DR is, therefore, an exciting adventure: strolling through the ‘green side’ of the Dominican Republic and letting yourself be carried away by its exuberant beauty; immerse yourself in the mysticism of the Mayan culture, present in Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador and enter the magical universe of an indigenous community in Panama; learn Spanish while enjoying traditional Nicaraguan dances; or marvel at the Cayos Cochinos Marine Sanctuary in Honduras, a natural paradise that will take your breath away. In short, a multi-destination without filters, which can only be experienced in first person. Come live it.

Issuer: Central American Tourism Promotion Agency (CATA)

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