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Madrid, January 8, 2024.- In an echo of past history, collecting resurfaces strongly in Spain, remembering the golden age of 2008. In this rebirth, weekends become an excuse to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle. of the Madrid Toy Market, where collectibles, disassembly and good atmosphere stand as undisputed stars.

Upcoming fairs: January 13 at the Plaza Loranca 2 shopping center and January 27 at the Valdebernardo shopping center.

“We are not only surrounded by toys, we are giving away nostalgia and passion,” says Juan Vila, one of the market vendors. “People not only see these pieces as an investment, but as a way to connect with their childhood and relive fond memories.”

The fairs scheduled for this year 2024 cover the first Saturdays of the month in the Plaza de Aluche shopping center, the second in the Plaza Loranca 2 shopping center in Fuenlabrada and the last Saturdays of the month in the Valdebernardo shopping center, all of them with free parking and entry. More information can be found on their social networks.

It is a beneficial activity that stimulates curiosity, creativity and allows you to socialize with other people with the same interests. Collecting is a beneficial practice for people of any age group.

This revival of collecting is not only a reflection of past history, but also a manifestation of current trends. With increased time at home and after the pandemic, people are looking for new forms of entertainment. Collecting emerges as an addictive and attractive activity that combines nostalgia, investment and fun.

The Madrid Toy Market, which has been held since 2007, is transformed into an oasis for those looking for unique and valuable items. From action figures to limited editions, each booth offers the opportunity to discover forgotten treasures and pieces that pique the interest of novice and seasoned collectors alike.

This year, the Madrid Toy Market will collaborate with the “Collect books” initiative, which in addition to doing it with the editor Alberto Santos, is now joining from the icy realm of letters “The world of Tari Tarino and Anko.”

The appeal of collecting goes beyond nostalgia. For many, it is a form of smart investment. The growing demand for collectible Madrid toys has boosted the value of many items, turning them into assets with significant growth potential in the market.

The resurgence of collecting in Spain is not just a passing trend, but a cultural phenomenon that is gaining momentum. With each weekend, the Madrid Toy Market becomes a meeting point where the past and present intertwine in a unique and exciting experience.

Thus, as the world evolves, collecting stands as a constant, remembering that the stories of favorite toys never go out of style.

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