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The Hysencia project located in Aragón is among the awarded projects

Madrid, May 2, 2024.- The European Commission announced on Tuesday, April 30, the projects that have been awarded in the first European hydrogen auction and the Hysencia renewable hydrogen production project from DH2 Energy is one of the winners.

“We are delighted that DH2 Energy’s Hysencia project has been selected by the European Commission in a process as highly competitive as this first European Hydrogen Bank auction. Of the 132 projects presented, 119 were considered eligible and competed in the last round. Being among the 7 winners in this European auction fills us with satisfaction at DH2 Energy and confirms DH2 Energy’s position as a leading developer in the production of renewable hydrogen,” said DH2 Energy Deputy General Manager, Vincent Tessé. .

With 5 of the 7 winning projects located in Spain and Portugal, the auction also confirms the importance of the Iberian Peninsula for the production of renewable hydrogen in Europe.

DH2 Energy’s Hysencia project is located in Plasencia del Monte, in Huesca (Aragón), and consists of a 35 MW capacity electrolyzer and a 49 MWp photovoltaic power block. Hysencia’s hydrogen will be used in the industrial and mobility sectors and will avoid the emission of 115 kilotons of CO2 in the first 10 years of operation. This project demonstrates the leadership position of DH2 Energy in the Iberian Peninsula.

This auction is managed by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) and is carried out within the framework of the European Hydrogen Bank, to promote the production of renewable hydrogen and is one of the many initiatives of the Fund Innovation of the European Union.

About DH2 Energy

DH2 Energy is a company dedicated to the development of renewable hydrogen plants from the electrolysis of water and the production of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives. DH2 Energy is one of the largest developers of renewable hydrogen in Spain, with one of the largest portfolios of projects in development, according to the first national census of hydrogen projects carried out by the Spanish Hydrogen Association, AeH2. Based in Madrid, DH2 Energy is present in the Iberian Peninsula and also in other markets such as France, Mexico and Uruguay.


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