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Madrid, January 12, 2024.

More than 200 companies will participate in this first edition held in the city of Huelva

The developer of renewable hydrogen production plants and independent producer DH2 Energy sponsors the I National Green Hydrogen Congress, which will bring together the main industry organizations from February 7 to 9 in Huelva. With this sponsorship, DH2 Energy reinforces its commitment with the development of green hydrogen in Spain, a key sector to advance decarbonization and that presents great opportunities for the sustainability and competitiveness of the country. DH2 Energy is the largest developer of renewable hydrogen generation plants in Spain, according to of the census of projects of the sectoral association AeH2. This census was published last year and counted 20 DH2 Energy projects with a combined 6.3 gigawatts of electrolysis capacity. Since then, DH2 Energy has increased its portfolio of projects under development in Spain. Andalusian Green Hydrogen Alliance The first edition of the National Green Hydrogen Congress is being held in the city of Huelva and the potential of Andalusia will undoubtedly be one of the topics of the event. In this sense, in March of last year DH2 Energy joined the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Alliance, an organization of which more than 150 public and private entities are part. During the congress, DH2 Energy will share its extensive experience and knowledge at the national. On Thursday, February 8 in the morning, the General Director of DH2 Energy, Marcos López-Brea Baquero, will give the presentation “Challenges in the processing of renewable hydrogen production projects”.About DH2 Energy DH2 Energy is a company dedicated to the development of renewable hydrogen generation plants through water electrolysis with photovoltaic solar energy and the production of hydrogen and its derivatives, present in Spain and in international markets. DH2 Energy is one of the promoters of the PlatformCo Hydrogen project in Spain, together with ArcelorMittal , Fertiberia and Enagás Renovable. PlatformCo Hydrogen represents one of the largest hydrogen supply hubs for green steel and ammonia production.

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