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Madrid, December 4, 2023.

Creativity that Generates Business has been the concept of E Day 2023 of the Creative Club. Highlighting the impact of creativity in the business world, Inspirational Day has featured outstanding inspiring dialogues and the presentation of innovative solutions in its fifth edition

On November 30, the UDIT of Madrid hosted the Inspirational Day of E-Day 2023, an event organized by the Creative Club. In its fifth edition, under the motto “Creativity that Generates Business”, this conference focused on merging creativity with the business field, consolidating its position as a point of convergence for future talent in the creative sector. E-Day is distinguished by nurturing and cultivating creative potential, establishing bridges between artistic imagination and business reality. This project has become an essential space that fuses creativity with practicality in an environment of infinite possibilities. This year’s edition was sponsored by brands such as DIAGEO and TAG, in addition to the special collaboration of UDIT and the support of Arena Media, a partner of the c de c, attracting more than 100 attendees. Focusing on the integration of creativity as a catalyst for innovation, each intervention, presentation and dialogue during the day highlighted the transformative capacity of creativity in the business world. The day began with a presentation by Félix Múñoz, technology consultant and professor of Marketing and Communication, highlighting the crucial importance of creativity in a context driven by AI and the need to develop creative skills to face present and future challenges in the fields of business and communication. Subsequently, Alfonso González, Chief Strategy Officer of HAVAS, and Gonzalo Figari, president of the c de c, held an illustrative and entertaining dialogue, highlighting through examples of creative campaigns how to have a disruptive impact to generate business. The climax of the event came with the presentation of Gustavo Belaustegui and Alberto

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