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Erum Vial continually works to optimize its processes to reduce its consumption of natural resources and minimize its environmental footprint.

Madrid, May 3, 2024.- Erum Vial, leader in road safety solutions, reaffirms its commitment to road safety and environmental protection through its sustainable initiatives and its constant work to improve Road safety. Aware of the importance of promoting responsible practices that contribute to a safer and more sustainable future, the company has implemented a series of measures aimed at improving road safety and reducing its environmental footprint.

Outstanding initiatives of Erum Vial within the framework of environmental sustainability Erum Vial develops eco-friendly products, designed using Ecodesign criteria, a process by which the entire life cycle of the product is taken into account, from its manufacturing, with recycled materials , until the end of its useful life, to optimize its recycling.

Among the Spanish firm’s devices, its innovative LEDONE CONNECTED emergency light stands out. With this device, it not only reduces the environmental impact, but also promotes the circular economy and sustainability in the road industry.

This emergency light is presented as a true sustainable revolution in the manufacturing of road safety devices by offering drivers:

•   360º visibility, up to 1000 meters away

•   Magnetic base and double-sided adhesive for easy installation

•   High efficiency, low consumption and water resistant LEDs

•   9V battery and CE certification

•   Manufactured in Spain and approval as a V16 signal

•   Connectivity with the DGT for greater safety on the road

•   Connection to the DGT

•   Resistance to water, wind and snow.

•   SIM card included and line maintenance included for 12 years.

Converting waste into new devices for road safety Erum Vial continually works to optimize its processes to reduce its consumption of natural resources and minimize its environmental impact. From efficient waste management to the implementation of sustainable production practices, the company strives to be a benchmark in environmental responsibility.

One of the projects that Erum Vial is developing is the processing of emergency triangles to convert them in the future into new emergency lights, thus converting waste into a resource.

“At Erum Vial, the mission goes beyond offering road safety solutions. Erum Vial is committed to protecting the environment and building a more sustainable future for future generations,” adds Juan Manuel Erum, CEO of Erum Vial. .

Promotion of road safety Within the framework of Erum Vial’s commitment to promoting road safety, the company actively collaborates with organizations and entities dedicated to the prevention of traffic accidents, offering resources and tools to improve safety on the roads and reduce the number of victims.

For more information about Erum Vial’s sustainable initiatives and its products, you can visit the website.

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