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A new logo and the new “Health with Care” award, to transmit innovation and technology with empathy

GENOA, Italy, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Esaote Group, a leading Italian innovator in medical imaging, today unveiled its new brand identity at the 2024 Global Sales and Marketing Meeting in Florence. Every year, around 400 managers, sales partners and stakeholders from 100 countries around the world converge at the event to share results, strategies and new technologies.

Along with the extraordinary renewal in all areas (products, infrastructure, business and organizational models) that has occurred in recent years of constant growth, Esaote has decided to review its brand identity to align it with its vision, mission and core values.

The entire restyling process was carried out with the objective of creating a more modern logo – an expression of science, innovation and technology – and using all the elements that make up the brand identity to transmit the sense of care, empathy and sensitivity with the that Esaote addresses its daily work and addresses its target audience, to improve people’s well-being.

The new logo maintains the same name to leverage the company’s origins, with new features added: new colors, subtle and minimalist graphic elements, to express the company’s mission of “Complexity is Simple” and its new reward of “Health carefully”.

“Our idea of ​​care represents the common thread of our research and production processes and is expressed in Esaote’s attention to the quality of its products. We constantly think about how to improve the diagnostic experience and how to integrate it into the most complex process of people’s health care, which ranges from prevention to diagnosis and monitoring,” said Franco Fontana, CEO of Esaote. “Esaote’s identity, which has evolved over its 40 years of existence, continues to uphold the company’s name, history and values. Much has changed in our evolutionary process, but our spirit remains the same: as In the early days, our focus is care and our commitment is to continue exploring new frontiers in science and technology.”

As a gateway to promoting its new brand identity, Esaote has also completely revamped its website, www.esaote.com. In addition to a transformed information architecture that greatly facilitates access to content, it presents a life-centered approach, where people and their relationships are at the center of all processes.

Esaote Group: Leader in medical imaging (ultrasound, MRI, software to manage the diagnostic process). At the end of 2023, the group has 1,250 employees, half of whom are based in Italy. With headquarters in Genoa and Florence and its own production and research units in Italy and the Netherlands, Esaote maintains a presence in more than 100 countries around the world. www.esaote.com

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