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BERLIN, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Eureka, a pioneer in home cleaning technology for over a century, has announced the European launch of its latest robot vacuum cleaner, the Eureka J12 Ultra. With exceptional 5000 Pa suction power, more user-centric cleaning modes, advanced obstacle navigation and a complete all-in-one docking station, the J12 Ultra aims to be the cleaning product of choice for European households looking for an efficient and comfortable life.

Improved cleaning capabilities

The Eureka J12 Ultra is equipped with a powerful suction capacity of 5000 Pa, which is a 25% improvement over its predecessor Eureka E10. It features the iconic dual spin mop system that operates at 200 rotations per minute and effortlessly removes tough stains. The vacuum’s dual side brushes have been optimized from the E10s model to increase edge cleaning efficiency, complemented by an improved anti-tangle brush roll designed especially for pet owners.

User-centric cleaning modes

Compared to traditional robot vacuum cleaners, the Eureka J12 Ultra is equipped with more intuitive and user-centric cleaning modes to significantly increase cleaning efficiency.

Deep Clean Mode with Frequent Mop Refresh: To address a common drawback in robotic mops (mops become dirtier with continuous use), the J12 Ultra offers an innovative solution. It has three program settings that control the return of the mop to the charging station to rinse after cleaning areas of 12 m², 10 m² or 8 m². This ensures that each new area is cleaned with a freshly rinsed mop, improving the overall cleanliness and efficiency of the cleaning process.

Intuitive Cleaning Path Logic: Unlike other robots that start cleaning at the base station, the J12 Ultra starts cleaning from the furthest point from its base. This method ensures that the robot does not pass through clean areas with dirty mops, thus maintaining the cleanliness of already mopped floors.

Adaptive Multi-Mode Cleaning: To accommodate various floor types, the J12 Ultra offers multiple cleaning modes. The default sweep and mop mode offers efficient cleaning for homes without carpets, while the sweep and then mop mode ensures dry cleaning of carpeted areas first, protecting them from getting wet.

Avoid obstacles with precision

The robot is equipped with a 3D dual-line laser that enables precise obstacle avoidance and dynamic detection, imitating human vision. Its superior night vision capabilities ensure efficient operation in all lighting conditions, making it especially suitable for users who prefer to schedule cleaning at night.

All-in-one docking station

The J12 Ultra’s docking station is a convenient model, featuring capabilities such as automatic clean water refill and dirty water collection, a large 3-liter capacity dust bag, and innovative hot air mopping drying. This comprehensive system not only cleans the mop after use, but also dries it thoroughly to prevent the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odors.


Starting April 30, 2024, the Eureka J12 Ultra will be available for purchase for the first time in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, with a retail price of €799. It will later be launched in other European countries, including Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Contact: Yuan Ruan, ruanyuan3@midea.com

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