Madrid, April 24, 2023.

The sector of the organization of concerts and festivals has a high sensitivity towards the energy transition and a firm commitment to the adoption of measures to reduce the environmental footprint, energy efficiency and the use of electrification based on renewable energies.

Minimizing the environmental impact of cultural events is a growing concern of both organizers and attendees who are increasingly demanding ‘green’ solutions that consciously and realistically address all aspects of them. And it is that cultural activities with a green approach are increasingly necessary, due to the climate crisis situation, and also more valued by the consumer who seeks, not only to enjoy the activity itself, but to know that it is contributing to greater sustainability of the environment. This is one of the main conclusions of the event with a round table format ‘Conscious Talks: Culture, music and electrification’, organized by the Forum for Electrification. During the talk, held in Madrid, the expert participants addressed the sustainability needs and challenges of cultural and professional events and how the energy transition based on greater electrification is essential to reduce emissions and the carbon footprint. Guillermo Amann, spokesman for the Forum for Electrification, who moderated the session, assures that “everything that helps us reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to improving climate change is important. We are seeing how the trend towards sustainability has increased in all areas of life, and the world of culture is one of them: from literature to fashion, going of course through music and events.It is true that measures such as the use of fonts are already being implemented renewable energy, self-consumption or the promotion of sustainable mobility.In addition, innovative technologies are being developed to improve the energy efficiency of sound equipment, lighting and other production elements”. Specifically, concerts and music festivals -the most popular and successful events in the music and entertainment industry and also one of those that make the most intensive use of energy-, which are growing year after year in our country, contributing part of their international identity stamp, are a example of how progress is being made in this matter. As explained by Ana G√≥mez de Castro, New Business, PR

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