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The real estate portal chooses the company for its quality, rigor, transparency and protection of the interests of owners, buyers or tenants. According to De Gea: “aspects such as trust and credibility have been neglected by those non-professional brands that are born to join the trend and usually disappear when times change and each property has to be fought for.”

Madrid, January 19, 2024.- The real estate portal Fotocasa, one of the main classified ads for the sale and rental of second-hand homes in Spain, awards the Quality Seal to the agency “HousinGo by David de Gea”, based in Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood. With this distinction, the company endorses the quality, rigor and transparency of HousinGo, in addition to identifying a real estate agency that is committed to protecting the interests of those who want to buy, sell or rent their home. “This is one more step in our professional growth. Because it is not only about capturing homes and putting them on the market for a select and exquisite client, but also that we are doing it the right way, with the endorsement that professionalism implies. of each process, always thinking about continuous improvements in order to generate trust, credibility and loyalty, aspects a little neglected by the sector and by some brands that were born only with the purpose of joining a rising trend and that disappear when times change. “, clarifies David de Gea, CEO and founder of HousinGo. According to Fotocasa, “to obtain the seal, the agency has passed a careful selection process, where its professionals have demonstrated their knowledge of marketing, customer service and real estate law, in addition to signing a code of ethics with which they guarantee to look after the interests of their clients, act in good faith and maintain confidentiality at all times.” All the staff that make up HousinGo appreciate this Quality Seal, since it is one of the signs that the right thing is being done. De Gea describes this situation very well: “It takes a lot of work to get a human team that works in unison, that understands that you cannot go it alone because for the client, both the owner and the buyer or tenant, each part of the process is the same. important. Here each one has a role so that the operation is perfectly assembled and everything is coordinated and controlled from beginning to end. For example, those clients who leave it in our hands to sell the house in which they have seen their children grow up and that they have to abandon because their needs are now different, are entrusting HousinGo with a highly sentimental value. Likewise, those people who come looking for a home where they can develop a family or start a life of independence, enter through the door ready to tell us their most intimate purposes and dreams, so that we can advise them on what they really need and what will best adapt to what they are looking for. And there are also the investors, whose savings they are willing to allocate to a home. A bond is created that is difficult to break, we have clients who continue to congratulate us on the holidays or convey their best wishes for business prosperity every time they see us in any news related to the sector.” “HousinGo by David de Gea”, real estate company belonging to the commercial company David de Gea, S.L., operates mainly in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid, specializing in the sale and rental of real estate (homes, offices and commercial premises). Among HousinGo’s advisory and intermediation services, it includes the regulated figure of the Real Estate Personal Shopper, created especially for those clients with more particular needs such as residents outside the capital or searching for very specific products (business, investment, etc.). HousinGo currently has three offices in the Salamanca neighborhood: at Ayala 62, Serrano 81 and Velázquez 117. Broadcaster: HousinGo by David de Gea

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