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The savings rate of Spaniards is expected to decrease in the coming years, but there are alternatives to this situation, along with the loss of purchasing power as a consequence of inflation.

MADRID, February 9, 2024.- Savings in Spain have been increasingly compromised in recent times, while inflation remains at historically high levels. The latest CPI data stood at 3.4% in January, so the situation of potential loss of purchasing power remains at levels of concern. Habits regarding saving on Spanish soil are not as positive as they should be. The Savings Bank Foundation (Funcas) foresees a moderation in the household savings rate and estimates that it will return “exactly” to the historical average of 6.7% as a proportion of disposable income next year. Its projections indicate that it will reach these levels from the 8.2% expected in 2023 or the 7.6% recorded in 2022. The deterioration is progressive. In addition, the Intrum European Consumer Payments Report, a study that is dedicated To analyze the financial situation of 20,000 people from 20 European countries, it also revealed quite illuminating data: 50% of the Spanish population admits to having less money now than a year ago after facing the payment of their essential expenses and bills. This is why This is why savings vehicles emerge as fundamental and differential elements to avoid this progressive loss of purchasing power in the face of upward price pressure that is still latent. The main problem is that banking pays an average of 2.31%, according to statistics from the European Central Bank. Well below the Eurozone average, which is 3.03%. Also, the level of inflation. However, Freedom Finance Europe continues to improve the conditions to maintain the cash available on the Freedom24 investment platform and is positioned as one of the brokers with the best profitability conditions for its clients. Since last January, the interest paid daily on uninvested funds denominated in EUR and USD has been linked to the EURIBOR and SOFR floating rates. Savings D Account holders receive interest equivalent to the SOFR floating rate on USD deposits and interest equivalent to the EURIBOR rate on EUR deposits. Therefore, the interest rate changes daily to reflect current market rates. But it is not the only thing. Interest on Freedom24 long-term savings plans has also increased and is now 1.5 times the 12-month fixed-term SOFR and EURIBOR rates. For 3 and 6 month placements, interest rates are applied with coefficients of 1.1 and 1.25 on the SOFR and EURIBOR, respectively. Thus, with reference to February 10, the maximum return on the Freedom24 long-term savings plan, including bonuses, is 6.4% in euros and 8.76% in dollars. Thus, the rates are dynamic, but are fixed at the time of placement and remain unchanged during the chosen term. For both instruments there is no limit on the maximum amount of savings, which favorably distinguishes the Freedom24 offer over other products similar on the market. The minimum amount to invest to receive interest is 150 USD/EUR for a D Account and 1000 USD/EUR for a long-term deposit product. About Freedom Holding Corp. Freedom Holding Corp (NASDAQ: FRHC) offers a wide range of brokerage services, including securities trading, investment research and advisory, investment banking services, mortgage lending, insurance and banking. Freedom Holding Corp. operates in 15 countries and serves clients in the United States, Europe and Central Asia.About Freedom Finance EuropeFreedom Finance Europe, the European division of Freedom Holding Corp. is the only listed EU-based exchange operator on NASDAQ. The group is an international investment company that, through its online platform (web and app), Freedom24, offers direct access to 15 global stock exchanges, including NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE and Euronext, among others. Freedom Finance Europe is authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) to offer its services to EU clients and is a member of the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF). In this way, clients’ assets are insured up to €20,000. The company has a “B/B” rating of S

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