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Last Tuesday, May 14, Autocine Madrid experienced an unforgettable event with the grand opening of its new space inspired by Miami. Since May 15, this urban oasis is now open to the public to enjoy a summer experience that evokes the warm beaches of Florida. Under the leadership of Tamara Istambul and Cristina Porta, Autocine Madrid continues to reinvent itself and consolidate itself as a benchmark in the leisure and entertainment sector.

Madrid, May 17, 2024.- Since its creation in 2017, Autocine de Madrid, founded by Tamara Istambul and Cristina Porta, has become an undisputed benchmark for outdoor entertainment in Spain. Their most recent success, the renovation of the new Miami-inspired space, has reaffirmed their ability to innovate and attract a diverse and enthusiastic audience, achieving impressive achievements in terms of sales, capacity and audience satisfaction.Tamara Istambul and Cristina Porta , with their passion and vision, have transformed an idea into a successful reality. Since the beginning of the Madrid Drive-In, the focus has been on offering unique experiences that combine cinema, gastronomy and entertainment in a retro and elegant environment. This approach has been key to its continued success and its ability to adapt to changing market demands. “From day one, the goal has been to create a space where people can enjoy a unique and memorable experience. Autocine Madrid has grown and has become a reference point for entertainment in the city. The success of this renovation, Miami style, confirms that Autocine is on the right path,” says Tamara Istambul. Cristina Porta added: “the renovation of the Madrid Autocine. It has been meticulously designed for a capacity that triples the current one. Autocine Madrid is immersed in an exciting transformation that will take it to a completely new level of splendor and sophistication. It has been a few months of hard work to create a space that evokes glamor and sophistication. elegance and charm of Miami, right in the heart of the Spanish capital, which will make it a more Instagrammable place if possible.” The inauguration of the renovation of the space, inspired by Miami, was a testament to the success and popularity of Autocine Madrid, achieving important milestones and exceeding all expectations. “With this remodeling of the Drive-In, we intend to position ourselves even more as a leisure reference in the capital in a year in which many of the most important events in the country will be held in its facilities. Likewise, the new image will bring with it infinite new possibilities to the Autocine business lines – Autocine Madrid and Rita’s Brunch – which were already consolidated as some of the best entertainment options in Madrid for all ages and targets,” continues Cristina Porta. With a 250 square meter screen, a open-air space that covers more than 27,000 square meters and a capacity that has reached 4,800 people, Autocine Madrid has positioned itself as a unique icon in the Spanish capital. “The interior design of the Drive-in has been carefully conceived to recreate the essence of the retro glamor of Miami, with art deco details and a vivid color palette that evoke the joy and vitality of the 1950s. Drive-in Madrid has become the perfect place in the capital to enjoy a unique experience, with an aesthetic modern, fresh and innovative, and customers will surely be satisfied with all the new features”, concludes Cristina PortaWith its new image, Autocine Madrid is ready to continue being a point of reference in Madrid’s cultural scene, offering unique and exciting experiences for all those who visit it. Issuer: Autocine Madrid

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