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– Gstar has announced the strategic move: the start of construction of a silicon wafer factory in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Gstar held a groundbreaking ceremony for its silicon rod and wafer factory, marking the beginning of the rapid construction phase. This move not only represents a significant advance for Gstar in the design of its global photovoltaic industry, but also represents notable progress in its process of vertical integration of the industrial chain.

This modern 60,000 square meter factory will be built in Jakarta, Indonesia. Characterized by fully digitalized and intelligent production processes, the factory has introduced a series of cutting-edge production equipment and technologies, aiming to establish a world-leading silicon wafer production base.

The factory’s main products focus on 182mm and 210mm large size monocrystalline silicon rods and silicon wafers, with broad prospects in the field of solar photovoltaic energy. The factory will continuously drive technological innovation in the silicon wafer industry, particularly in large size, thin film and fine line silicon wafers, providing more efficient and higher quality silicon wafers to global customers, thereby facilitating faster and more stable development of the photovoltaic industry.

The factory is expected to begin production at the end of 2024, reaching an annual production capacity of 3 GW for glass extraction and 3 GW for cutting. This capability will significantly support Gstar’s growth in the global photovoltaic components market, meeting growing market demand and laying a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development.

Founded in 2019, Gstar is a technology company specializing in photovoltaic power generation solutions and a comprehensive supplier of conventional photovoltaic products globally. It adheres to an industrial vertical integration strategy, dedicated to the independent research, development, design, production and sale of silicon wafers, cells, frames and modules. This vertically integrated model not only helps ensure product quality, but also ensures supply chain stability, generating pricing advantages and improving production efficiency. The innovative construction of this silicon wafer factory is an important step taken by Gstar under this strategic direction.

In the future, Gstar will continue to actively guide the close cooperation between upstream and downstream industrial chains, accelerating its design and development in the photovoltaic field. We firmly believe that under such leadership, the global photovoltaic industry can achieve faster and healthier development. We look forward to the emergence of this modern factory and anticipate a better future for Gstar in the photovoltaic field!

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