Alicante, April 24, 2023.

In the months of April and May, due to the change in temperatures and the appearance of spring allergies, it is more convenient than ever to control the climate at home. To achieve this, Glass by Gaviota, a specialist firm in bioclimatic glazing, windows and pergolas, recommends its practicable, sliding and 100% recyclable PVC/Thermofiber windows.

With the arrival of spring, and the rise in temperatures, controlling the climate at home becomes almost an ‘urgency’. Therefore, thermal and acoustic insulation are also decisive factors at this time of year. In addition, different types of allergies also appear, and houses tend to spend more time exposed to external agents, with heat, rain, wind or noise pollution being some of the main weather challenges. The objective of isolating, but without subtracting from comfort, safety and acoustic hygiene, is the great proposal of Glass by Gaviota, a leading company in enclosures and protection of spaces thanks to sustainable and innovative architectural solutions. For this reason, it recommends its practicable and sliding windows and doors, 100% recyclable, products that, thanks to the union of ecology, versatility and elegance, are committed to enclosing spaces without renouncing their optimization. Advantages of 100% recyclable PVC/Thermofiber windows, one of the strengths of Glass by Gaviota for this spring It is known that PVC windows are an excellent option due, eminently, to their composition and, even more, if they incorporate technology Thermofiber. Its innovative material does not allow the passage of cold or heat into the space, which represents an energy saving of approximately 50% compared to other types of windows. In addition, its high performance in energy savings and its thickness allow it to save on the use of heating in the coldest months of the year. For its part, thanks to the possibility of incorporating large-sized glass and its hermetic closure, it protects against external weather agents such as rain, wind and pollen or dust, determinants for spring allergies. Finally, they are not flammable, since PVC/Thermofiber avoids this great risk for the safety of the home and any space. In addition, the fact that they are 100% recyclable causes the environmental impact to be reduced and, therefore, the use of natural resources is efficient and sustainable. Thermofibra and Forthex technology, the use of sustainable materials and cutting-edge technology In the case of Thermofibra and Forthex reinforcement, hallmarks of these products, the main purpose is to include a reinforcement that emulates the resistance of steel, something that is also achieved based on the thermal properties of fiberglass. In addition, its thermal transmittance coefficient factor and lightness are also enhanced in these solutions. But, this synergy of materials and design also combines the most innovative materials with the latest technology, giving rise to a new generation of PVC/Thermofiber windows and doors. For all these reasons, Glass by Gaviota enclosures are presented as a great option to isolate spaces this spring and in the coming months. If one delves into the advantages offered by its solutions, the firm proposes versatile and light windows and doors. Thus, in its Glass Elegant range, the designs of practicable windows stand out with maximum features, functional and elegant. In the case of the Glass Premium range, for example, an integral reinforcement of all features is presented (54 mm of glazing can be reached), thanks to Thermofiber and the combination of new materials with more traditional ones. Both options are created under ecological criteria and focus their aesthetic characteristics on subtlety and minimalism. In addition, in its range of sliding solutions, the first Thermofiber sliding door stands out, Glass iSlide, a system that highlights the insulation and rigidity benefits of continuous fiberglass. Its very simple mode of use allows the door handle to be operated by moving it slightly to, at the same time, allow smooth sliding without effort. Once closed, the door is secured. Also noteworthy are the Glass Elevadora models, whose strong point is maximum luminosity, Glass Legend Parallel, or Glass OpenMAx Multi-leaf, with an exclusive system that allows each leaf to open independently, facilitating cleaning and ventilation .This spring will be much more pleasant and functional thanks to the advantages that Glass by Gaviota solutions put at your fingertips. ‘Key’ solutions in terms of the insulation-enclosure tandem within the home and any space intended for comfort, work or enjoyment.

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