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– Huawei interprets F5.5G all-optical target network to accelerate the popularization of Gigabit and promote commercial use of 10Gbps

BARCELONA, Spain, February 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — During MWC 2024, the well-known European research and analysis institute IDATE successfully held the “Green All-Optical Network Forum”. Participants advocated seizing the development opportunities of the gigabit broadband market and ushering in the 10Gbps network era. Kim Jin, vice president of Huawei’s commercial optical product line, interprets the F5.5G all-optical target network to accelerate the popularization of gigabits and support the evolution of future networks to 10 Gbps, opening the new era of commercial use of F5 .5G.

Optical broadband is moving from 100 Mbps video-based to 1 Gbps experience-based, and enabling 10 Gbps intelligence-based connections. Under this trend, Huawei proposes an F5.5G all-optical target network that needs to build an F5.5G all-optical target network that supports 3 network capabilities and 4 network architectures. That is, achieving 3 network capabilities: 10 Gbps ubiquitous access, metropolitan network that reduces latency to 1 ms and backbone network that achieves 99.9999% availability; and build 4 network architectures: the backbone network implements 400G, 800G OTN to connect data centers, the metropolitan network requires 100G for CO, the access network uses 50G PON for homes and enterprises, and connects 10Gbps to the room.

Home network: The number of FTTR users has reached 14 million. FTTR helps operators sell “1 network” with FTTR instead of “1 fiber plus 1 terminal” with FTTH. FTTR is expanding from the function of connecting to smart home applications (FTTR X), that is, the convergence of FTTR networks and various smart home applications. Additionally, operators can sell multiple applications in addition to “1 network.” Huawei launches the industry’s first FTTR albums, helping operators push the boundaries of home broadband services.

Kim Jin stated: “Huawei will continue to innovate based on the F5.5G all-optical target network, to help operators seize development opportunities in the gigabit market and accelerate the commercial use of F5.5G, embracing the new wave of market prosperity”.

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