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BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At MWC Barcelona 2024, Li Peng, Senior Corporate Vice President and President of ICT Sales and Services at Huawei gave a keynote speech on the new strategic opportunities that will open up for the ICT industry in a smart world.

“We are rapidly approaching an intelligent world,” Li said. “As demands on networks have increased, 5.5G has become a key step on the path to the smart world. 5.5G is expected to enter commercial use in 2024. So let’s build today’s networks for today’s applications of tomorrow to advance the smart world.”

Embarking on the journey of 5.5G commercialization

Li explained that over the past 20 years, computerization and digitalization have brought trillions of dollars worth of opportunities to the ICT industry. Greater network requirements are needed for this smart world, such as uplink ultra-wideband, real-time broadband communication, and full-scenario IoT. This has driven the rapid evolution towards 5.5G, which will enable innovative application scenarios and business models. By 2030, the smart economy is expected to be worth more than $18.8 trillion, bringing a new wave of opportunities to the industry.

In China, the Middle East and Europe, major operators have already verified advanced 5.5G capabilities in commercial networks. Its tests cover a wide range of scenarios, including smart connections for people, homes, vehicles and stadiums. Additionally, more and more 10-gigabit smart cities powered by 5.5G are appearing in locations around the world.

At this year’s MWC, Huawei will launch a full series of 5.5G products and solutions for a wide range of different scenarios, along with the industry’s first Telecom Foundation Model. This model will help operators maximize the value of their networks, especially in areas such as guaranteed network experience and automated operation and maintenance.

As evolving networking technology continues to redefine information and value flows and unleash the power of ubiquitous connectivity, we will soon find ourselves in a fully intelligent world.

Redefining information flows: AI-powered content is driving a surge in new data traffic

Smart technologies are developing rapidly and smart applications have become more and more prevalent. This has created new opportunities for industries.

In terms of information flows, generative AI is already powering new types of connected objects and scenarios, such as digital humans and smart cars. These new scenarios require better infrastructure, including new cooperative compute and storage models between cloud, edge, and device. AIGC will drive the creation of more than 100 billion gigabytes of data and generate more than one trillion gigabytes of data traffic. Huawei predicts that in 2026 alone, AI will be used to produce more than 250 billion images and 70 million videos, completely redefining the world’s approach to content creation.

Redefining value streams: monetizing mobile services beyond connectivity

As the ICT industry sees more innovation in smart applications, demand for a reliable network experience across multiple dimensions will grow. In particular, uplink speed, QoS and guaranteed latency will be critical to meeting the diverse needs of consumers and industry customers. This will present operators with incredible new growth opportunities, opening up new value streams valued in hundreds of billions of dollars.

A Chinese operator, for example, launched a 5G live streaming package to provide a guaranteed uplink for seamless live streaming. This new service offering helped the operator increase ARPU by more than 70%.

In the transportation sector, another operator’s 5G New Calling services provide precise real-time positioning and interaction during the call for applications such as auto insurance claims. This allows car owners to complete insurance claim submission, on-site inspection and claim settlement in the event of a traffic accident in one place. This new type of service has helped the operator successfully monetize the B2B2C market.

Unleashing the power of ubiquitous connectivity: creating new value for all industries

High-quality 5G network connectivity is helping operators connect more people to more things anytime, anywhere. Cloud phones are a great example. With higher bandwidth and lower latency, consumers can play the most compute-intensive online games and use the most advanced work applications far beyond the limitations of local device storage and processing power.

Advanced technologies like wide-area IoT are also changing the game for industrial applications. With a 10x increase in connection density and precision, the ICT sector can meet the connectivity needs of any industrial scenario, from smart grids to manufacturing, warehousing and logistics.

Pioneers are paving the way to the intelligent world. Li Peng concluded by calling on the industry to adopt 5.5G and build a solid ICT foundation for a more prosperous smart world.

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