SHANGHAI, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In parallel with HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, Huawei’s Aviation and Railway Business Unit held three global summits specifically targeting the Business Unit’s niche.

Using an enhanced digital and intelligent foundation, Huawei delves into a wide variety of industry scenarios and accelerates the intelligent development of aviation and railways through multi-dimensional awareness, ubiquitous connectivity and open platforms.

China West Airport Group (CWAG) selected Huawei to jointly develop a comprehensive intelligent transformation strategy.

According to Lin Bin, deputy general manager of CWAG, his company has created 35 intelligent solutions for security, operations, services and other scenarios using Huawei’s high-performance computing power and open intelligent platforms, as well as advanced algorithms for the industry.

For airport operations, digital and intelligent ground handling solutions provide real-time status of flights, passengers and resources, as well as prompt alerts. They also intelligently dispatch ground handling personnel when necessary. These solutions increase ground handling efficiency by 20% and reduce handling time by 17%. In addition, intelligent airport operation solutions have introduced the flight plan optimal outcome model to achieve the best match between supply and demand and AI-assisted operations command.

Constantly evolving technologies have brought challenges and opportunities for digital transformation and intelligent updating of companies. Li Junfeng, vice president of Huawei and CEO of Huawei’s aviation and railway business unit, delivered a keynote speech at the global railway summit. He explained that as GSM-R gradually leaves the market, the railway industry requires a next-generation mobile communications system to ensure efficiency and benefits, as well as to maintain high-quality development. In response, Huawei is thinking about how it can leverage AI to better serve the railway industry, and has built practices and made notable achievements along its journey.

Huawei partnered with Huitie Technology to develop the Smart Railway TFDS solution, which uses the Pangu railway model with 3 billion parameters. The solution covers all TFDS scenarios and effectively identifies more than 430 types of faults in 67 vehicle models, with a comprehensive fault identification rate of over 99.3%. It guarantees the almost total absence of inspections for critical failures and triples operational efficiency.”

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