Madrid, September 19, 2023.

Ibérica Capital Partners (ICP) obtains up to 100 million euros of financing to increase its real estate acquisitions in Spain

ICP announces that it has reached an agreement with a European financial and investment company that guarantees financing of up to 100 million euros for real estate acquisitions in difficulty, mainly on the Spanish Costa del Sol.Since its creation a year and a half ago, ICP has taken great steps to attract foreign investment capital from Europe in order to fulfill its commitments to renovate and reposition properties by combining modern luxury finishes and amenities with sustainable ECO standards. “We are focused on offering unique and in-demand products, as well as in guaranteeing profitability for investors,” says Pablo A. Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder of Ibérica Capital Partners. “Our partners are very interested in playing an important role in the company’s strategy and its execution without necessarily having a physical presence on the ground, which is why they have chosen to support and trust ICP in all diversified investment units and services related”, comments Pablo A. Anderson. The Spanish real estate market on the Costa del Sol, and in particular the well-known city of Marbella, has always had great interest from foreign buyers such as Scandinavians, Germans, Dutch, Belgians and English, but has recently experienced a significant increase in buyers from the Baltic countries, Central and Eastern European countries, as well as the Americas (USA and Latin America). “We have observed that the recent rise in interest rates has has had little or no impact on Marbella’s high-end properties, as they are selling at historically high prices and investors from around the world are flooding the market,” says Yves Horoit, co-founder of Ibérica Capital Partners. “ICP has a clear strategy and is on track to deliver on its business model, which is why it has partnered with a top-tier institutional investor. The newly secured funds of up to €100 million will be invested exclusively in the company’s real estate program to deliver more than 50 villas in the coming years,” concludes Yves Horoit.

Contact Contact name: Pablo A. Andedrson Contact description: Principal – ICP Contact phone: 655928387