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Madrid, December 4, 2023.

iCommunity, the leading blockchain technology platform as a service, forges a pioneering strategic collaboration with the Madrid City Council to transform document processes through blockchain. And its ICOM utility token will be the protagonist, streamlining the technical processes of the developed use case.

After the victory in the National Blockchain and Advanced Technologies Awards, the official presentation of the iCommunity document traceability use case for the Madrid City Council took place, where it was detailed how it will transform document management and increase its administrative efficiency. It is the first case of real application of blockchain technology in legal processes of such an important institution, marking a milestone in the digital transformation of the public sector. By implementing this solution, Madrid City Council will be able to verify in real time the processing status of administrative processes, automating and certifying procedures, promoting a more transparent and efficient administration. The blockchain, a decentralized and distributed database, provides an immutable and transparent record of all transactions and events related to documents, acting as a digital notary. In this context, each file is associated with a unique hash and stored cryptographically, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the information. iCommunity’s ICOM Utility Token will play a critical role in streamlining and accelerating the technical procedures associated with the specific use case. This collaboration demonstrates the commitment of both parties to innovation and modernization of public administration, embracing cutting-edge technologies to improve operational efficiency and strengthen confidence in document management, establishing a benchmark for other government entities globally. iCommunity, It is also in advanced talks with the Porto City Council, opening the door to international collaborations. Its solution is scalable, constituting a relevant advance in public processes and laying the foundations for a revolution in management. The successful deployment in Madrid consolidates iCommunity’s position as a leader in blockchain solutions, demonstrating once again its ability to drive mass adoption, offering practical and transformative solutions. Likewise, it is proud to contribute to this visionary undertaking and hopes to achieve measurable positive impacts on the efficiency and security of Madrid City Council’s documentary processes.

Contact Contact name: Mario GarcĂ­a Prados Contact description: iCommunity Labs Contact phone: 34652145805