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Its new portfolios with maturity dates represent an alternative to traditional deposits with higher profitability, which can reach up to 19.7% accumulated net of commissions. For its part, the Bond Portfolio acquires its own entity and all fixed income is unified under SRI criteria, consolidating itself as the largest sustainable fixed income offer on the national panorama of robo advisors.

Barcelona, ​​May 3, 2024.- Maintaining its commitment to offering the best solutions for its clients’ financial objectives, inbestMe launches new portfolios with objective profitability, a specific modality within fixed income funds, which are distinguished by their ability to estimate a predefined yield, since all bonds have similar or coincident maturity dates. The default maturities that will be marketed are 12/2025, 12/2026 and 12/2027 for ETF portfolios, both in euros and dollars, and 4/2026 for investment fund portfolios in euros, only contractable until October 2024 exclusively. for tax residents in Spain. It thus becomes the first national robo advisor to offer this type of portfolio. The Target Portfolio with 4/2026 investment funds presents an accumulated target return of 7.6% net of commissions with a net annualized target return of 3.7% (4.4% gross) on its maturity date. In the case of the Target Portfolios composed of ETFs 12/2025, 12/2026 and 12/2027 in euros, the inbestMe client who invests can obtain cumulative target returns (net of all commissions) of 5.8%, 8 .8% or 12.1%, respectively, with an annualized rate of around 3.2%. In dollars, the cumulative target returns net of all fees are 9.1%, 14.2% and 19.7%, respectively, with an annualized return of around 5.1%. To build the ETF Target Portfolios, the company has relied on the new ETF offering: the iBonds recently launched by iShares belonging to the international management company BlackRock and will be custody at Interactive Brokers. For the Objective Portfolio of investment funds, it has had the manager M

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