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On April 24, the official launch of Intar Radio, the first radio station generated by artificial intelligence, was held at the Room Mate Alba Hotel in Madrid. This event was attended by prominent figures from the world of broadcasting and media, as well as friends and influential personalities in technology and innovation.

Madrid, April 29, 2024.- The presentation was led by the journalist Elisabetta Bressanello and had the technical support of César Jiménez, from Bytered. During the event, Eduardo Brey, founder of Intar Radio, together with Elena Álvarez, CMO of IBP Digital, and Christopher Huneke, Director of Partner Audience Engagement at Futuri Media, shared their perspectives on the impact and future possibilities of this new platform. Eduardo Brey, founder of the company, highlighted the importance and need for this new station generated by Artificial Intelligence in the current media landscape. According to Brey, the lack of objectivity in traditional media and the prevalence of negative news create a void that Intar Radio seeks to fill. “Our station not only innovates in technology, but also aspires to be a refuge where the audience can find joy and optimism amidst the constant bombardment of hard news,” said Brey. Elena Álvarez of IBP Digital highlighted the potential advertising implications and at the marketing level of Intar, as well as the relevance of social listening in the development and success of the project. According to the agency, all formats are yet to be discovered or rediscovered, since technology is constantly evolving. Furthermore, they consider that advertisers who join this adventure will also become pioneers. For his part, Christopher Huneke (Futuri Media) highlighted: “AI-powered radio is already revolutionizing the international panorama with its multilingual capabilities and its ability to to have intelligent conversations with other humans and even other AIs.” In addition, he assured that the reception and response from the public are extremely positive. The guests had the exclusive opportunity to meet and listen to the station’s three virtual announcers, Ada, Itai and Romy, offering a unique and pioneering experience in the field. of AI-generated broadcasting.The three Intar Radio hosts have been developed using biometric AI, a branch of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to identify and analyze unique biological characteristics of people and recreate them artificially.The launch of Intar Radio marks a milestone in the industry, not only for its technological innovation, but also for opening a new chapter in the way media interacts with its audience. For more information and to enjoy the new radio experience, you are invited to public to enter the Intar Radio website and press play.

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