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(Alicante, January 10, 2024.-) Voy Driving is a company that has experienced constant and rapid growth in the car rental sector. Founded in March 2020, a few days after the Government decreed the state of alarm to confront the expansion of covid, the company specialized in subscription vehicles has stood out for its focus on customer satisfaction and adaptability to a market in constant evolution.

Throughout this time, Voy Driving has faced significant challenges, such as vehicle shortages and competition from industry giants, but has demonstrated an impressive ability to overcome obstacles and maintain its position in the market.

With a talented team and a strong strategy, the company has achieved notable achievements, including national expansion and ambitious user growth goals. Next, Omar Juan Lázaro, CEO of Voy Driving, will share his vision and experiences in response to a series of key questions.

We know that at Voy Driving they have highlighted the importance of surrounding yourself with a good team. Could you share how you have built your team and what qualities you value most in your collaborators?

At Voy Driving, our team and collaborators are the backbone of our success. We have prioritized the incorporation of passionate and committed professionals who share our vision of offering exceptional service. We value creativity, adaptability and the ability to work as a team. Additionally, we constantly seek diversity of skills and perspectives, allowing us to address challenges more comprehensively.

Renting has become attractive to many people due to the fast pace of life and the constant search for novelty and comfort. Do you think the Voy Driving model meets these changing consumer needs?

Our business model is designed precisely to meet the changing needs of consumers. We offer the possibility of changing cars every few years or even months, which adapts to a fast pace of life and the constant desire for new things. Additionally, our “all-inclusive, no-entry, no-surprises” offers provide convenience and peace of mind to our customers, which is essential in a constantly evolving world.

In the automotive sector, great challenges have arisen since 2021, such as the shortage of vehicles. Can you share how Voy Driving faced these challenges and what strategies you implemented to stay resilient?

The vehicle shortage in recent years was a significant challenge for us, but our agility and ability to adapt allowed us to overcome it. We were able to pivot towards brands and suppliers with fewer stock problems. Maintaining a close relationship with our suppliers and being aware of market trends allowed us to overcome these difficulties and continue to provide attractive options to our customers.

Although in terms of billing they cannot compete with the large operators in the vehicle rental market, Voy Driving has made progress in visibility. What have been the marketing and visibility strategies that you have used to stand out and gain ground?

Our strategy focuses on being agile in terms of marketing and creating quality content. We have utilized digital marketing strategies, including a strong social media presence and consistent investment in online advertising. Creating valuable and relevant content for our clients has been key, this has increased our visibility and has allowed us to compete on equal terms with the market giants.

In a market where digitalization and marketing are crucial, what do you consider to have been the key to success in Voy Driving’s strategy to compete with the most active rental platforms in these aspects?

Our key to success has been speed and adaptability. We have responded quickly to emerging trends and invested in the digitalization of our services. This includes improving our online platform, optimizing the user experience and adopting advanced technologies to meet the changing demands of our customers.

Compared to the competition, up to this point they have not surrounded themselves with large investors. What is Voy Driving’s financing strategy and how do they plan to maintain their position in the market without the need for large investors?

At Voy Driving, we have opted for an organic growth strategy. We have focused on increasing our operational efficiency, improving our services and internal processes to maintain a competitive advantage. By keeping these costs low and maximizing the quality of our services, we have been able to compete successfully without relying heavily on external investments.

We understand that international expansion is a crucial step in Voy Driving’s growth strategy. Could you share some details about the countries you might expand to and the key strategies you will implement to be successful in international markets?

Definitely, international expansion is a fundamental element in our growth strategy. In terms of countries we are considering expanding into, we are carefully evaluating opportunities in several attractive markets. The choice of these countries will be based on factors such as market size, economic stability and consumer preferences. Regarding our key strategy to succeed in these markets, it will be based on adaptability and local focus, this means customizing our offers to meet the specific needs of each market, such as the most popular car models and customer preferences.

They have ambitious growth goals for 2023 and for the coming years. How do you plan to achieve these goals and what are the key strategies you will implement to achieve this rapid growth in users?

To achieve our growth goals, we are focused on constantly improving our services and expanding into new markets. We will continue to invest in marketing, to increase our user base. We will also maintain our commitment to customer satisfaction, which in turn will foster organic growth as current customers recommend our services. Our ability to remain agile and adapt to changing market demands will continue to be key in achieving these ambitious goals.



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