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Madrid, January 26

In Madrid’s dynamic real estate market, marked by the recent rise in interest rates, Juvilma Consultores stands out for its ability to adapt and thrive in the luxury sector, maintaining a strong commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

The recent rise in interest rates has shaken the foundations of several economic sectors, and real estate is no exception. Despite these turbulences, Madrid continues to be a key enclave for investors in the luxury segment. In this context, it is vital that companies, investors and consumers understand the implications of these changes and adapt their strategies. Juvilma Consultores, a firm with three generations of experience in the real estate sector and based on the prestigious Serrano street in Madrid, has adapted with agility to these market changes. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1991, Juvilma has executed countless successful operations, standing out for its dedication to excellence, integrity and customer satisfaction. Located in the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood, Juvilma not only displays the deep knowledge of a leading company in the sector, but also highlights the importance of an unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The company is aware of the need to closely monitor fluctuating economic conditions to continue providing exceptional and personalized service. Carlos Villar, founder of Juvilma Consultores, states: “At Juvilma, we are proud of our extensive history in the real estate market. We are committed to continuing to offer a quality service that adapts to the changing needs of our clients.” Regarding the tense rental market in Madrid, Juvilma recognizes that the growing demand for housing has intensified competition and generated certain tensions. However, the firm stands out for its strategic and careful management in this sector. Furthermore, demand for luxury properties in Madrid remains robust, reflecting the city’s enduring appeal to high-end real estate investors and buyers. With its proven ability to effectively advise its clients, Juvilma Consultores establishes itself as an ally essential for those interested in Madrid’s competitive real estate market. Its diversified portfolio and strong network of contacts underline its position as a trusted and experienced collaborator in the luxury real estate space.

Contact Contact name: Carlos Villar Contact description: Founder Contact phone: 34 609 02 64 35

Photo caption: Views from the terrace of a property available in JuvilmaAuthor: Juvilma Consultores