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It is made with 100% recycled virgin quality PET Loop resin. This packaging innovation will be presented at Pharmapack Europe 2024, from January 24 to 25, 2024, at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles – stand B78-B79, Hall 7.2

Montreal, January 24, 2024.-

Loop Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:LOOP) (the “Company” or “Loop”), a clean technology company whose mission is to accelerate a circular plastic economy by manufacturing polyethylene terephthalate (“PET”) plastic and 100% recycled polyester fiber, and Bormioli Pharma, an international leader in pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices, today announced that an innovative pharmaceutical packaging bottle made from 100% recycled Loop™ PET resin will be presented at the Bormioli stand at Pharmapack Europe 2024 of virgin quality.Bormioli Pharma and Loop Industries aim to introduce market-ready solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry and the two companies began collaborating more than a year ago to achieve this goal. Bormioli Pharma tested Loop™ PET resin in its packaging, commissioning independent third parties to carry out additional analyzes to verify extractable levels with different solutions, also taking into account the worst-case scenario. The results of these tests set a new benchmark for recycled plastic products within the pharmaceutical industry, as bottles produced with Loop™ PET resin do not release any substances considered to be of toxicological relevance. Bormioli Pharma’s EcoPositive offering, which brings together low-impact packaging solutions, currently constitutes 50% of its standard catalogue, contributing to positioning itself among the players with the widest sustainable offer on the international market. In addition to the independent third-party tests commissioned by Bormioli Pharma, the LoopTM PET resin was also tested by a global leader in laboratory testing services and on December 13, 2023, Loop announced that test results confirmed that its Loop™ PET resin meets the strict requirements and standards set by the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur. 3.1.15, Polyethylene Terephthalate for Containers for Preparations not for Parenteral Uses) and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP <661.1>, Plastic Materials of Construction) and is suitable for use in packaging applications in the pharmaceutical industry.” Through this collaboration with Loop we reinforce our role as a solid, quality and reliable partner for the pharmaceutical industry,” stated Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “Loop Industries shares our values ​​and commitment, and together we have made available a new sustainable pharmaceutical-grade solution, which exhibits even higher safety standards than traditional ones.” Daniel Solomita, Founder and CEO of Loop Industries, commented: “Thank you In our collaboration with Bormioli Pharma, we have developed an innovative pharmaceutical packaging solution made from 100% recycled virgin grade LoopTM PET resin. This high quality packaging alternative raises the bar for responsible solutions and helps set a new packaging standard sustainable in the pharmaceutical industry.”About Bormioli Pharma  Bormioli Pharma collaborates closely with the pharmaceutical industry and all companies working for the future of healthcare on a global scale. As a world-renowned player in the packaging industry, the company serves the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets with complete solutions, including glass and plastic bottles, plastic and aluminum closures and accessories. Bormioli Pharma’s extensive product ranges are designed and manufactured with a focus on innovation and addressing growing sustainability issues.About Loop Industries Loop Industries is a technology company whose mission is to accelerate the world’s shift towards PET plastic and sustainable polyester fiber and move away from your dependence on fossil fuels. Loop Industries has a proprietary and patented technology that depolymerizes waste PET plastic and low-value polyester fiber, including plastic bottles and containers, carpets and textiles of any color, transparency or condition, and even ocean plastics degraded by the sun and salt, down to their basic components (monomers). The monomers are filtered, purified and polymerized to create Loop™ brand virgin-grade PET resin suitable for use in food-grade packaging and polyester fiber, enabling your customers to meet their sustainability goals. Loop™ PET plastic and polyester fiber can be recycled infinitely without quality degradation, successfully closing the plastic loop. Loop Industries contributes to the global movement towards a circular economy by reducing plastic waste and recovering plastic waste for a sustainable future.

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