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Madrid, December 20, 2023.

In a context where unemployment is presented as an increasingly widespread reality in various groups in our country, crucial questions arise in relation to the financial possibilities available to those who find themselves in this situation. The most frequently asked question is: Is it possible to get a loan while unemployed? The answer, according to MiCredito-OK, is a resounding yes

“I’m unemployed, will you give me a loan?” This is a common question for those who, from the comfort of their home, look for financing options over the Internet. The doubts intensify when the income comes exclusively from unemployment and, in addition, one is listed in ASNEF. The good news is that it is possible to obtain a loan under these circumstances, but it is important to take certain aspects into account. Approval criteria Financial institutions can approve a loan even if you are unemployed and in ASNEF, as long as you do not have a high debt rate. It is crucial to request it at the beginning of unemployment benefit, since this provides a longer period for its return. The unemployment benefit itself acts as a guarantee of payment. As for being in ASNEF, there are companies willing to grant loans, as long as sufficient guarantees are available based on the amount requested. However, finding these financial institutions can be a challenge, so it is recommended to register with premium offer search services. The requirements do not differ much from other types of financing, being over 18 years of age (some entities require being over 21) , valid DNI or NIE, ownership of a bank account, demonstrable monthly income (including unemployment benefit), possible request for an unemployment benefit report and having guarantees, especially if you are in ASNEF. How to request them? Traditional banks usually do not grant this type of financing. The most viable options are online financial institutions, which offer advantages such as the ease of requesting from any device, less paperwork, and an almost immediate response. MICREDITO-OK.COM specializes in the search and comparison of these unconventional financial options. Tips for applying for loans when unemployed, it is essential to be prudent and realistic and request only the necessary amount. Be honest about your work and financial situation, make a realistic payment plan. Compare different offers and look for interest-free first loan offers, if possible. In summary, the possibility of financing for the unemployed, even being in ASNEF, is a tangible reality today. MiCredito-OK advises patience, appropriate advice, and searching on specialized platforms to find the best option available. About MiCredito-OK MiCredito-OK provides information services to users to facilitate decision-making in the field of certain financial products. , being able to present offers from other entities and serve as a guide to understand which one best suits your needs. They do not represent a request or offer to sell or acquire financial products of any kind.

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