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The European School of Management and Business is proud to announce the success of the graduation ceremony that took place on November 24 in Madrid

More than 400 students from 25 different nationalities received their master’s degree during this significant event

(Madrid, December 18, 2023.-) The event brought together more than 1,000 people and began at eleven in the morning at the avant-garde Kinépolis cinemas. Among all the attendees, it is worth highlighting the presence of the Academic Director of EUDE, Mr. Juan Díaz del Río; the director of Academic Coordination and Director of E-learning at EUDE, Ms. Sara Lorenzo; the guest of honor Ms. Socorro Fernández Larrea, president of the OFG Telecomunicaciones; in addition to all the master’s directors and the teaching team.

The presence of graduates from 25 different nationalities reflects the cultural richness and variety of perspectives that characterize EUDE Business School. A diversity of countries ranging from North America and Central America, highlighting countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, to Europe, with students from Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.

The event featured inspiring speeches by representatives of the in-person and online modality, recognizing the individual and collective achievements of the graduates. The academic successes, innovative projects, and positive impact these students have had both inside and outside of the business school were highlighted.

The diversity of experiences and perspectives that these students bring enriches not only the academic environment, but also the community at large. The Graduation Ceremony was a reflection of EUDE Business School’s mission to prepare students to face global challenges with an open mind and a deep understanding of cultural complexities.

This milestone not only marks the end of an educational stage, but also the beginning of new opportunities and challenges for graduates. After this academic stage, they will take with them the values ​​and knowledge acquired at EUDE Business School to make significant contributions in their respective disciplines and in society in general.

The European School of Management and Business, EUDE Business School, has been dedicated to training international leaders and professionals for more than 25 years who, after passing through the school, have managed to improve their careers and reach management positions in prestigious companies. or form your own company.

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