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– MPI Corporation’s Advanced Semiconductor Test division achieves breakthrough in fully traceable RF calibration up to 110 GHz

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Germany, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Advanced Semiconductor Test (AST) Division of MPI Corporation, a pioneer in on-wafer test solutions, today announced a landmark achievement in RF calibration technology. In collaboration with Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Germany, the division successfully achieved full traceability in the characterization of a commercially available calibration substrate up to 110 GHz and established a new benchmark in the industry.

This achievement, led by Dr. Andrej Rumiantsev, Director of RF Technology at MPI-AST, represents a significant leap for the entire RF product line provided by the MPI product line. Fully traceable characterization paves the way for more accurate, reliable and universally accepted high-frequency measurements, essential for cutting-edge technologies like 5G.

“Achieving full traceability in RF calibration at such high frequencies is a testament to our dedication to precision and quality,” said Dr. Rumiantsev. “This breakthrough is the result of our long-term cooperation with PTB. It is not only a breakthrough for MPI-AST but a significant step for the entire microwave measurement community, semiconductor and telecommunications industries.”

“Establishing national standards for RF system calibration at the wafer level is the goal that PTB has been working towards for several years,” said Dr. Uwe Arz, head of the Wafer Scattering Parameters Group at PTB, Germany. “We are proud to announce the solution to transfer the traceability chain to MPI’s commercial calibration substrate for the first time in the industry.”

MPI-AST’s latest achievement underscores its role as a leader in the semiconductor testing industry, promising to break new ground in high-frequency testing and solidifying its position as a market leader.

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About MPI Corporation Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, MPI Corporation is a global technology leader in semiconductor testing, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), photodetectors, lasers, materials research, aerospace, automotive, fiber optics, electronic components and more. MPI’s five main business sectors include probe card, photonic automation, advanced semiconductor testing, thermal testing and Celadon systems divisions. MPI offers a broad portfolio of products and services, from advanced probe card technologies, engineering and mass production probe systems, testers, material handlers, inspection systems and thermal airflow systems. Many of these products are accompanied by state-of-the-art calibration and test and measurement software packages. MPI’s diverse product portfolio and expertise in cutting-edge technologies create a healthy environment for employee growth and retention. Through the cross-pollination of technologies and talent, we are committed to delivering long-term value to improve the competitiveness of our clients. MPI is the first probe card company to be listed on the Taipei Exchange (TPEx) in Taiwan.

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About PTBPTB, with its headquarters in Braunschweig, is Germany’s National Metrology Institute and measures with the highest precision and reliability. PTB uses metrology as a core competency for the benefit of society, commerce, industry and science.

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