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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The current conundrum of having a lot of body hair but little on your scalp has confused many people facing hair loss. A breakthrough emerges with Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic’s report on a pioneering study published in the prestigious journal Dermatologic Surgery titled ‘Beard and body hair transplantation by excision of follicular units using a skin-sensitive device.’ This publication introduces the revolutionary UGraft Zeus®, a novel skin-sensitive device that allows doctors to seamlessly relocate beard and body hair to bald areas of the scalp through a procedure known as body hair transplantation (BHT).

This comprehensive study, conducted in the US, Colombia, Mexico and India, delves into UGraft Zeus’ innovative skin-sensitive approach, addressing the complexities encountered by previous hair restoration techniques. In particular, UGraft Zeus® is distinguished by its patented design features, including a unique automatic navigation capability adept at navigating various skin textures, thicknesses, and different levels of hair curl during FUE. This ability minimizes graft damage and promotes better wound healing in all follicular unit extraction (FUE) scenarios, including BHT.

In 82 patients with an average age of 48.9 years, the study consistently achieved graft wear rates of less than 7% in BHT procedures, marking a significant advance over previous technologies that reported damage rates of up to 20%. % (beard) and 30% (body). Surprisingly, all patients were satisfied with the procedure, with more than 79% reporting high satisfaction six months after the procedure. Additionally, surgeons, who were previously hesitant to perform BHT using traditional methods, are enthusiastically embracing the simplicity and success of UGraft Zeus®, showing greater willingness to perform beard and body FUE procedures.

The importance of BHT emerges as a promising avenue in hair restoration as it offers remedies for severe baldness and rectifies problems caused by previous failed transplants. Specialized transplants, such as eyebrows, beards, and eyelashes, achieve more natural aesthetic results by utilizing similar characteristics of body hair compared to the thick but unmatched scalp hair.

Lead author Dr. Sanusi Umar, Division of Dermatology, Harbor-UCLA, Torrance, and Dr U Hair and Skin Clinic, Manhattan Beach, California, noted: “The introduction of skin-sensitive techniques with UGraft Zeus® addresses the challenges in scalp hair transplantation, which represents a significant leap in restoring lost hair, regardless of its severity.

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