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The company has grown 60% compared to 2019 and expects to close the year with a positive net profit, with 2022 being the best year in its history. The travel agency left the ERTE behind last March and since then 60 people have already joined the company. PANGEA plans to expand its commercial team by 15% before the end of the year to continue strengthening the workforce for 2023

The travel agency PANGEA The Travel Store continues to hunt for talent. In March the company left the ERTE behind and since then 60 people have already joined the team. In addition, they plan to continue expanding the workforce by hiring travel advisors: increasing their network of specialists by 15%, joining the team before the end of the year to start 2023 with the necessary reinforcements. And it is that for the agency it continues being a priority objective to be able to count on the team with people who are authentic travelers, specialized in different destinations in the world, who can advise and design valuable experiences for their clients. “Having this type of talent is essential, personalized advice through expert people is really what sets us apart from other agencies in the sector,” says Daniel Puertas, general director of PANGEA.So far this year they have hired 30 new advisors and travel advisers in its different stores in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Valencia. “We want to continue growing and, for this, we are reinforcing the sales team. Our mission is to be able to provide the best service to our clients and to be able to assume the increase in travelers that arrives every day,” he highlights. Among the keys to growth, they point out “taking care of the sales team so that it, in turn, can also take care of our clients”, thus focusing on caring for people, clients and staff, and placing people in the heart of the company’s strategy. In this sense, and to recognize their work, PANGEA has designed a monthly incentive plan that allows them to increase their salary by up to 30%, well above the annual CPI. It is also worth noting the company’s special concern for promoting the development of team, through initiatives such as continuous training in destinations, tools and skills (face-to-face, online and through “fam trips”) or “one to one” assessments to design personalized career plans. In addition, PANGEA has very present the important role of companies in terms of conciliation and co-responsibility in family care, for which it has, among other social benefits, continuous shifts and at least one day of teleworking a week. The best year in its history In October 2015 PANGEA opened its first store in Madrid. 7 years later, and with three more stores, the travel agency claims to have experienced “the best year in its history”, with a growth of 60% compared to 2019, before the pandemic.”After these two difficult years, no We imagined reaching record sales and profitability figures, but teamwork has paid off and we have managed to exceed the goals we had set for ourselves”, says Daniel Puertas. Furthermore, the company expects to end the year with a positive net profit, demonstrating that it is You can bet on innovation, investment in talent and technology, and customer experience in the sector and, in turn, be profitable.About PANGEA The Travel Store PANGEA The Travel Store began in 2014 as a startup and in 2022 it will already be has established itself as one of the main SMEs in the national tourism sector. A successful case of a Spanish entrepreneurship that has revolutionized the travel sector through a 100% omnichannel concept. It has four Travel Stores in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Valencia, travel-inspired spaces with more than 60 expert destination advisors who custom design the trip dreamed of by their travelers, recommending only those experiences they know first-hand and accompanying them before, during and after their trip. All this with the best value for money on the market, always helping to transform and democratize the sector. The company also has other powerful business lines such as incentive trips, corporate trips, incoming trips, events, etc.

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