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Madrid, February 22, 2023.

The travel agency closes 2022 with close to EUR 50M in sales, EUR 1.5M in positive EBITDA and more than 20,000 travelers. In 2023 it plans to exceed EUR 70M in sales and boost its national and international expansion from 2024

The year of tourism This is how many have considered 2023. And it is that it has started with very good prospects for the tourism sector and everything indicates that it will be the year of the definitive impulse for the recovery of the sector. Thus, the travel agency PANGEA The Travel Store is achieving record sales and profitability figures, already achieving 60% growth in 2022 compared to 2019. In fact, it closes the year with close to EUR 50M in sales and EUR 1, 5M positive EBITDA and plans to exceed EUR 70M in sales in 2023. Thus, PANGEA consolidates itself as one of the fastest growing travel agencies in Spain. In the last year, 20,000 travelers trusted the agency to book their trips.”2022 has been the year of recovery. 2023 will be the year of consolidation of the value proposition and the development of the company’s technological platform And in 2024 we will resume the path of expansion, taking our business model to other cities in Spain and to other countries in the rest of the world”, says David Hernández, founder and CEO of PANGEA The Travel Store. Regarding the keys to growth, the company alludes to three fundamental aspects. First, customer satisfaction. “Our obsession has always been caring for people, both customers and employees,” says David Hernández. “This 2022 we have achieved satisfaction rates, loyalty rates and conversion rates never seen before,” he adds. Secondly, technology. “Our value proposition is accompanied by a technological platform that is unique in the world, which will allow digitization and improve efficiency and the value proposition of the entire sector,” says Daniel Puertas, general director of the agency. Third and lastly, the development of our own product tailored to the client. “We have managed to make our clients perceive the value of personalized advice. At PANGEA you are always attended by an expert advisor in the destination you are looking for and in your client profile”, explains Daniel Puertas. On the other hand, the company has also strongly committed to attracting talent. Throughout 2022, more than 80 people joined the team. And they hope to continue strengthening the workforce throughout 2023. Lastly, in reference to other business lines of the company such as MICE, DMC or eCommerce, PANGEA has doubled its business compared to 2019, reflecting the improvement of the situation in which includes business trips, incoming tourism and online commerce. About PANGEA The Travel Store PANGEA The Travel Store began in 2014 as a startup and in 2023 it has already established itself as one of the main companies in the national tourism sector. A successful case of a Spanish entrepreneurship that has revolutionized the travel sector through a 100% omnichannel concept. It has four Travel Stores in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Valencia, travel-inspired spaces with more than 80 expert advisors in each destination that tailor-made the trip dreamed of by its travelers, recommending only those experiences that they know first-hand and accompanying them before, during and after their trip. All this with the best value for money on the market, with the aim of helping to transform and democratize the sector. The company also has other powerful business lines such as incentive trips, corporate trips, incoming trips, events, etc.

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