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Catalonia, February 27, 2023.

An illness and a divorce led him to a situation of over-indebtedness from which he could not get out

Repair your Debt, the leading law firm in Spain in the Second Chance Law, has achieved another debt cancellation in Lleida (Catalonia). This is the case of a woman, a resident of the town, to whom the Court of First Instance no. SEE JUDGMENT The lawyers of Repair your Debt explain the story to us: “his state of insolvency originated when he requested financing to pay for a necessary reform in his home. Over time he decided to reunify the loans to be able to pay a lower installment and have more money available. In 2017, due to an illness, he was on medical leave and his source of income was reduced. To this situation we must add the break with his ex-partner and subsequent divorce and that he needed more credit to pay for legal defense expenses Without the financial support of her ex-spouse, the debtor found herself in a situation of over-indebtedness, unable to meet the payments”. Those responsible for Repara tu Deuda Abogados explain that this ruling shows that there is a real and effective way out for anyone , regardless of their situation (whether self-employed, salaried, pensioner, unemployed…). They can get off delinquency lists, such as ASNEF, and have access to new financing to reactivate themselves in the economy. Despite the fact that the Second Chance Law was approved more than seven years ago, the truth is that many are still unaware of this legal mechanism. However, thanks to the work of Repara tu Deuda Abogados to disseminate this possibility among the people who need it, more and more are aware of this tool.Repara tu Deuda Abogados is the law firm specialized in the Second Chance Law that has the most cases has been in Spain since its creation in September 2015. In addition, it is the one that has canceled the most debt, having exceeded the figure of 120 million euros exonerated to its clients. It should be noted that the people who have availed themselves of the Law of La Segunda Oportunidad belong to all the autonomous communities of Spain. And it is that it is a mechanism that has become a reality in homes, which have seen in it the solution to all their economic problems. “We have made large investments to publicize the Second Chance Law throughout the country, aware that it is a tool that has changed the lives of many people,” the lawyers explain. The Second Chance Law allows the cancellation of the debts of individuals and the self-employed who are drowning in a situation of over-indebtedness. Among the requirements to be able to be a beneficiary are that the amount of the debt does not exceed 5 million euros, that they have acted at all times in good faith, without hiding assets or income, and not having been convicted of socioeconomic crimes in the last ten years.

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