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Barcelona, ​​December 22, 2022.

Parkimeter, the leading parking reservation management platform in Europe, has published an article on how prolonged search for parking spaces negatively influences CO₂ emissions.

The Barcelona company Parkimeter (EasyPark group) has carried out a study on how parking reservations help to reduce the impact of CO₂ on the carbon footprint, analyzing several different factors such as the speed of circulation, the time spent looking for parking spaces , the type of fuel in the vehicles or the grams of CO₂ emitted per kilometer, among others, with the aim of raising awareness and informing drivers and users about the advantages of reserving parking spaces. Every day, there are thousands of trips which are done by car. Especially in large cities, drivers find it difficult to park their vehicle at street level, losing between 15 and 30 minutes driving around aimlessly looking for an available space, thus increasing carbon dioxide emissions on those journeys. estimates that a medium-sized car pollutes between 450-715 grams of CO₂ looking for parking for 15 minutes. By eliminating those minutes of circulation, parking reservations help to significantly reduce polluting gas emissions, becoming one of the ecological and sustainable solutions for all those users who use private vehicles as their preferred method of getting around.”Parkimeter is more committed than ever for an eco-friendly alternative with the aim of not only saving users time and money, but also saving on CO₂ emissions, thus contributing to making cities more sustainable,” says Nacho Cofré, CEO of the company. Saving CO₂ emissions through reservations is possible thanks to platforms such as Parkimeter, which offer drivers the option of making parking reservations online efficiently and quickly in more than 2,000 car parks spread across eight European countries.

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